Dutch colonial council minutes, 21 February - 11 March 1647

Scanned Document:

21st of February ]

The honorable fiscal, plaintiff, vs. Hans Reyger and Dirck Zieken, soldiers, prisoners. The fiscal presents his complaint in writing and demands justice. Defendants admit in court that they committed what the fiscal charges them with.

The honorable director general and members of the Court Martial having seen the criminal charges of the fiscal against Dirck Sieken and Hans Reyger from Norenborch, soldiers, at present prisoners for very insolent behavior by the aforesaid prisoners on the public street, pointing their guns and threatening to shoot people, Hans Reyger having drawn a bare knife against his superior officer and wrestled with him and Dirck Sieken having struck the captain of the guard, in the fort; all of which they, the prisoners, in the Court Martial have voluntarily, without torture or irons, admitted having done and committed; all of which is directly contrary to the military regulations.

Therefore, we, wishing to do justice, condemn the above delinquents to be taken to the place of public execution and there to be harquebused according to military law.

Thus done in the Court Martial, on the 21st of February 1647, in New Amsterdam.

The last of February

Peter Ebel, heretofore ] a soldier, appeared ] before the council and was appointed by the director and council provost marshal ] at 24 gl. a month and 100 gl. a year for board ].

7th of March 1647

Gabriel Martensen, plaintiff, vs. Jan Huybersz, defendant, for payment of fl. 10:16 st. Defendant admits the debt and is condemned to pay.

Claes Cornelissen Meutelaer, plaintiff, vs. Cornelis Teunesen, defendant, for purchase of land to be paid for in 3 instalments, twice in the month of May. Is ordered to produce proof.

Mr. Ritchert Smith requests that the question between him and Mr. Douthey may be terminated. The honorable director and council therefore order that parties shall submit their case on the next court day, when sentence shall be pronounced. This day, the 7th of March anno 1647.

14th of Maroh

Whereas Symon Boot, native of blank  ] on the blank  ], being in the great tavern on the island of Manhatans in New Netherland, quarreled with one Piter Ebel, provost, it finally happened, after the aforesaid persons had fought together, that a piece of Symon Root's ear was cut off with a cutlass, whereof the aforesaid Symon Hoot in council demands a certificate in due form, in order that in the future, if necessary, he may make use thereof. Therefore, we, the director and council of New Netherland, hereby certify that the ear was out off with the ] cutlass in question in the place aforesaid. We request all those to whom this certificate may be shown to give full credence thereto. In token of the truth we have signed this and confirmed it with our pendent seal in red wax, this 14th of March, to wit, the certificate given to Symon Hoot.

Whereas Mr. Arnoldus van Hardenberch, attorney of Mr. Johan van Hardenberch here requests compensation for 20 pieces of duffel cloth which he claims are not subject to confiscation inasmuch as they belong to his brother and not to the skipper of the ship St. Piter; therefore, it is ordered that said Mr. Johan van Hardenberch shall confirm on oath several points in controversy before the authorities in Holland and that then the duffel or the value thereof shall be returned to him, together with the interest thereon. Meanwhile, we consent that the account of duties on exported beavers which said Arnoldus has with the Company shall remain open until advice is received from the fatherland in regard to the declaration of Mr. Johan van Hardenbergh, it being well understood that said advice must be sent here by the first opportunity and that said Arnoldus shall furnish sufficient security that in case his brother remains in default, whatever duties he owes shall be paid here out of what is confiscated. Thus done in council the 11th of March anno 1647, in New Amsterdam.

Whereas the honorable director general and council of ] New Netherland have deemed it most serviceable and expedient in the interests of the honorable Chartered West India Company to select a fit person to collect and receive the duty on beer and liquors here in New Netherlands therefore, the honorable director and council aforesaid appoint and commission as receiver of said imposts the person of Rouloff Jansen Haes, and we therefore order and command all and singular to acknowledge the aforesaid Rouloff Jansen as our appointed receiver of the duty aforesaid, and those who owe anything on that account are promptly to pay the amount to the receiver aforesaid without any gainsay. Thus done in Fort Amsterdam in New Nether land, the 11th of March anno 1647.

Adam Roelantsz, plaintiff, vs. Jan Teunessen, schout at Breukelen, for payment of [      ]. Defendant admits the debt and requests time. Defendant is condemned to pay the amount and the costs of the summons.

Jan [      ], plaintiff, vs. [      ], wife of Arent Corsen, defendant, [      ]. Defendant says that she has no knowledge thereof.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 4, Council Minutes, 1638-1649 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.