Court proceedings: Actions for debt

Scanned Document:

First several lines are lost.  ]

Geurt Coertten, plaintiff, against Gisbert de Langheboer [      ] defaults.

Paulus Leenderssen, plaintiff, against Willem Bredebent for the poor [      ] defaults.

Maria Claesz, plaintiff, against Aucke Jansz; declares not to have released the aforesaid Aucke Jansz from the agreement made between them.

The defendant claims to have been released from the aforesaid contract.

The director-general and council order Aucke Jansz, defendant, to pay within one month to the aforesaid woman, plaintiff, a sum of thirty guilders in negotiable money.

[      ] Kristman, plaintiff, against Adam Brouwer for [      ] of f43.

The director and council order Adam Brouwer to pay in [      ] days.

Jacobus van Couwenhooven, plaintiff, against Jacob van Curler, defendant; the defendant defaults.

Claes Ripsen, plaintiff, against Hendryck Hendrix Kleermaecker for the sum of f41, 15 as the balance due for carpentry work on his house. The defendant first demands fulfillment of the contract. The plaintiff asks to see the contract, which he declares he wrote in his own hand at the defendant's house and left it there in his presence, and said accordingly that the contract had been made. The defendant responds that the plaintiff took the contract with him and promised to have it copied as soon as possible, and to place a copy in his, the defendant's, hand; which he has not seen as of today, but he produced a contract drawn up by himself and signed ] by the plaintiff's partner, which the plaintiff rejects and [      ] of witnesses.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 5, Council Minutes, 1652-1654 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1983).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.