Letter from Director General Stuyvesant to Deputy Governor Goodyear of New Haven

Scanned Document:

[The answere to Mr Goodyears letter.


Yours I receiued] wherein yow are pleased to write concerning my supprising the vessell there, and of your to ]wnsmens discontent att some passages in my letter to Will: Westerhowse; what he hath diuulged ] I know not, yett sure I am, I was desirous to carrie it as inoffensiuelie to my neighbours there as ] I could, howeuer they may apprehend, yett you and yours shall reallie finde mee as cordiallie ] willing, att all tymes and all occasions, to indeauour a continuance of all friendlie and ] neighbourlie amitie betwene vs, allthough haplie many vaine rumours may arise whereby ] iealousies & discontents may be fomented.

I haue sent ] according to your desires for the receiuing the prouisions. For whatsoeuer yow shall please to deliuer to ] our commissarie, his note shall be a sufficient discharge. Sir, I thanke yow for your supplie ]ing our fiscall and for your further tender to him, and your respects to my selfe, the which I shall indeauour to requite, and remaine,

Your assured louing friend

P. Styvesant

Fort New Amsterdm, in New Netherlands.
Nouember the 13th, 1647 St: Nouo:


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.