Letter from the directors at Amsterdam to Director General Petrus Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

several lines lost ]

[      ] untimely departure [      ] supracargo Niclaes [      ] these accompanying detailed letters [      ] could be sent by the ship de Bontekoe , skippered by Willem Thomasz, [      ] sailed from Texel [      ] days, and because it could easily happen, not knowing the whereabouts of the aforesaid ship de Bontekoe, which only had a few hours of favorable wind while running out, so that this ship, de Gelderse Bloem, or 't Hof van Cleef, skippered by Adriaen Bloemart, may arrive sooner in New Netherland; therefore, I have sent copies in both of them, or in short, signed letters and bills of lading of de Bontekoe for your honor's information. All further communications are going with het Hof van Cleef, which your honor might gladly receive, if it arrives first, and shall learn about great secret turn of events. Done at Amsterdam, this April 1, 1651.

Q. P. van Seventer


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.