Letter from the directors to Stuyvesant concerning the appointment of Cornelis van Thienhoven

Scanned Document:

Honorable, Vigorous, Pious, Dear, Faithful.

Secretary Cornelis van Thienhoven reported to us, that shortly before coming away from there he had been appointed by you and the Council to the place of Roeloff de Haase, the former receiver of the Company's revenues and of the tithes, import and export duties etc: considering his long faithful services, we have confirmed this appointment until further orders from this Department, increasing his salary by 2½ per cent for the additional troubles in this office.

We know from experience, that on many lands in New Netherland the tithes called for by the contracts have been unpaid for several years and that on account of the last insurrection of the Indians the non-payment has been connived at and excused: as the people have now been in peaceful possession of their lands for about 6 years, they should not be unwilling to pay up and you must take care to have the collections made at first in such a lenient manner, as you may think best for the avoidance of any trouble and discontent. Advise us of what you do and how you succeed, that we may then consider, what should be done. Relying hereupon we commend you etc.

Amsterdam, the 26th of April 1651.

Johan le Thor
Isaac van Beeck


To the Honorable, Valiant, Wise, Prudent, Discreet
Petrus Stuyvesant Director General in New Netherland.


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