Petition of Adriaen van der Donck concerning obligations of his servants

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New Netherland, how he [      ] in the year [      ] six farm hands to New Netherland, and in the year 16[      ] two with one servant girl, being of the intention to offer service and employing them in farmwork as is customary there in the country and (considering the great expenses and difficulties, and in light of the running away of some of them before they left patria, which happened various times to the petitioner) that he be bound and obligated for their agreed upon wages and proper lodgings, as they are also obliged to serve faithfully and assiduously; it is such that the petitioner, in certain [      ] was advised by his wife that a stranger from New Netherland had reported that the majority of the aforesaid people sent over there not only refused to honor their contracts but also contrary to [      ] freeing themselves; some with the pretense of desiring to go privateering, others that they wished to marry and other such things. Therefore, the petitioner humbly turns to this gathering, requesting to be maintained in his rightful possession, and that your honors be pleased to order that whatever the servants shall [      ] contract with their masters, who give them reasonable board and wages, be precisely and strictly obeyed and observed.

[      ]

taken into consideration. [      ] his court messenger over there [      ] which, with all due respect, [      ] would regard unreasonable, to have to live at their mercy.

Furthermore, the petitioner also sent over in the year 16[      ] six guns, not smuggled but clearly marked with the honorable Company's arms, because he sent three persons to New Netherland and had employed seven, of which he came up four short at the last moment, being all the more so moved thereto as the petitioner had sent over the previous year no more than two guns for his six persons. Nothwithstanding all of this, the fiscal Hendrick van Dijck saw fit to seize the same guns and to have them stored as he understands they are still being kept until further orders or my arrival there; therefore, the petitioner requests that your honors be pleased to arrange that the guns sent over by him be restored without cost and loss. In so doing [      ] [1]


Remainder of document has been lost.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.