Letter from the directors at Amsterdam to the Director General and Council

Scanned Document:

24 May 1655

Honorable, Prudent, Pious, Beloved, Faithful.

We would have sent your honors the duplicates of our most recent general and private letters, sent off with the Bontekoe, together with those which we since then have drafted in reply to your honors' most recent letters received with the Gelderse Blom, dated 22 December 1654 and 29 March 1655,[1] but, because the ship the Waeg is presently ready to sail and we still hope to put it to sea with the ship Nieuw Amsterdam, we have decided it to be of more service to send these letters and accompanying material therewith because these only serve as a guide to the accompanying bills of lading of the private goods and merchandise loaded in the aforesaid ship Nieuw Amsterdam (in addition to the bills of lading of the goods shipped aboard Bontekoe and Beer) together with the list of passengers going over with the same ships. And because the housewife (named Seytie Wouters) and the child of Frans Allart, cadet in the service of the Company, are to be found among them, your honors are advised to charge their accounts of monthly wages with their travel expenses, whereas the Company has agreed to pay it here to the owners of the aforesaid ship, upon which we depend, meanwhile,

Honorable, Prudent, Pious, Beloved, Faithful, we commend your honors to God's protection, remaining,

Ab. de Decker de Jonge


To the Lord Director and Councilors in New Netherland.


Letters no longer exist.


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.