Instructions of Fredrick de Coningh to command The Waegh

Scanned Document:
No. 32  Extract from the register of resolutions adopted by the Directors of the West India Company, Chamber at Amsterdam. 

Monday the 24th of May 1655.

It having been brought up for consideration, resolved that Fredrick de Coninck, engaged as captain of the ship the Waegh, shall be ordered to proceed immediately on board of the said ship and as quickly as possible undertake with the help of God the voyage to New Netherland, either on the direct route or by a roundabout way, as wind and weather permit. As soon as he has arrived there, he shall report to the director general and council of the Company to show them his authority and ask and wait for orders, which he shall promptly andprecisely obey. To this end an extract of this resolution shall be given to him, the captain, in place of instructions.

C. Van Seventer


No. 6

Instructions for Capt. Fredrick de Coninck


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