Letter from the town clerk of Flushing to Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

Right Honorable General you haue beene pleased to send vnto vs the towne of Vlishing by your officers to require the tenths: and wee the said Towne being willing to doe that which is reasonable and honnest: although wee might justly pleade the great hinderance and damage which wee haue and doe sustaine in our estates besides the daily feare of our liues by reason of the insufferable Insolency of the Indians being as it were in a posture of continnuall warre by reason whereof we cannot injoy our land in peace according to our pattent and by that meanes are much disinabled: yet notwithstanding to avoide all differences that may arise betwixt our moste Honnorable Patrons and our selues wee are willing for this present yeare as an acknowledgment of the tenths to pay vnto your Lordeshippe or your officer deputed fiftie scipple of peas and twentie fiue of wheate and soe wee haue agreed with your Committees and wee question not in Consideration of our weake and poore Condition your Honnorable Lordeshippe will accept thereof and wee shall remaine your Humble Servants, to Command the Inhabitants of Vlishing written by order of the Towne by mee,

Edward Heart

From Vlishing this 29th of July 1656.

ADDRESSED: ] To the Right Honnorable Peter Stivisant Governor Generall of the Province of the New Netherlandes at the house in the forte New Amsterdam, these present.

ENDORSED: ] From Flushing to Gov. Stuyvesant July 1656


A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.