Letter from the Governor of Canada to Director Stuyvesant

Scanned Document:

Quebec, the 18th of February 1658.

Reverend Father

I have communicated to all the principal persons of this country the intentions of Messieurs the Hollanders, of which you spoke. Nobody had any doubt that in consideration of their being admitted as friends and allies of the crown in all the ports of France since many years, we could for any reason refuse their coming to trade with us and I cannot object to it. I consent that they may come when they please under the condition that they submit to the same customs as French vessels, forbidding trade with the savages and the public exercise on land of their religion, which is contrary to the Roman law. You know the orders of the king about this matter. Wherewith I commend myself to your prayers and am,

Daille Boust


To his honor the general of New Holland at Manatan.


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