Order for delinquents at Hempstead to take the oath of allegiance

Scanned Document:

Order sent to those of Hemstede directing those who had not taken the Oath of Allegiance to do so within four days.

Whereas bij â former Publication Unto all the Inhabitans off this Province it Was Manifested & declared that all Persons that should be Willing to Submitt them selves Under the obedience & take the oath off fidellitij unto the high & Mighty Lords the States Generall off the United belgick Provinces & his Serene hignesse the Prince of Orange viz Should be Concidered as faithful Subjects and Enjoy the Priveledges Equally with the rest off the good Subjects of the dutch Nation, Where uppon amongst the rest of Our good Subjects & Some off' the Inhabitants off the Towne off hemstead alsoo have Submitted themSelfes, but being since Informed that Some off the said Inhabitants (although being Legally Summoned) have not appeared nor taken the said oath off allegiance; I have there fore thought fit to order Publish & declare, & doe herebij order Publish & declare that the said Inhabitants off hemstead, who have not yet taken the oath off allegiance, Shall within the time of 4 dayes, after the Publication here off make theire appearance; before me for to take the said oath of allegiance or give Satisfaction for there Neglect & delaij herein Uppon the Penalty that the Persons who Shall refuse or neglect the same, Shal be Concidered as disturbers & Publicq Enemijes off this Common Wealth, and that against their Persons & Estates shall be Proceeded accordingly dated at fort William hendrick this 25 September 1673.

(Signed),  A. Colve. 

Free Pass for Walter Webly.

V.23: 86? ] Whereas, I am informed that Walter Webly still scruples to come hither, through fear that he should be molested on account of the effects which he hath removed hence for the benefit of the orphan child of the late Richard Morris, therefore have I thought proper on the request to me, made in his behalf, to grant said Walter Webly again free conduct and passport, and at the same time to make known that it was never intended to seize the effects of said child, but only those belonging, in lawful propriety, to Col. Lewis Morris.

Dated Fort Willem Hendrick, this 26th September, 1673.

(Signed),  A. Colve. 


Translation: O'Callaghan, E.B., trans./ed., Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York, vol. 2 (Albany: Weed, Parsons: 1858), pp. 569-730 (vol. 23, pp. 1-270 only).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.