Order referring the case of Richard Smith vs. the town of Huntington to arbitrators

Scanned Document:

Having read and considered the petition of Richard Smith setting forth that the previous English government had for reasons and motives more fully expressed in his petition, granted and allowed a revision and rehearing of a certain judgment pronounced between the Petitioner and the inhabitants of the town of Huntington, in regard to some lands in dispute; as more fully appears by a certain minute of the Court of Assizes dated ,[      ] produced by Petitioner in council; requesting further that agreeably to said minute, revision may be granted and allowed him. Said request being taken into consideration, it is allowed according to the tenor of the abovementioned minute; but before and previous to proceeding, the Governor-General and Council of New Netherland have resolved and ordered that some persons conversant with the matter, be appointed to decide as arbitrators, if possible, the case between the parties, to which end are hereby commissioned and empowered Mr. John Lawrence, merchant in this city, Mr. Richard Cornwel, residing near the village of Flushing, Mr. Richard Odel and Mr. Robert Townesand, Magistrates of the town of Oysterbay and Seatalcot, who are recommended if possible to meet, at the Petitioner's expense, at a certain time and place to be designated by them, to examine the case in dispute between the parties, to hear arguments and if needs be to make ocular inspection of the lands in question, and to exert every possible means to decide the case, and to make parties agree; but if unable to effect that, to render the Council a written report of their proceedings.


Translation: O'Callaghan, E.B., trans./ed., Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York, vol. 2 (Albany: Weed, Parsons: 1858), pp. 569-730 (vol. 23, pp. 1-270 only).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.