RESOLUTION concerning replacement personnel

Scanned Document:

Resolution drawn up at Fort Amsterdam on the island of Curaçao, this 31st of March 1643.

Whereas with the departure of the discharged soldiers, whose time had expired, all military ranks from lieutenant down to cadet are vacant, and the order and service of the Company demands that they be filled, according to the private instructions of their honorable directors, with other capable people so that the military discipline and training may be better maintained. Therefore, we, the underwritten, according to the orders and instructions of their honors, who [      ] us previously [      ] persons of ability, vigor and allegiance, hereby appoint and employ:

First, for ensign in place of Otto Jansen van Norden, departed with the ship De Melckmeit, Jacob Matthijsen van Rijthoven, former commander of Tolckxborch.

Second, for sergeant in place of Davit Edowaertsz, departed with the yacht De Catt, Pieter Vrom, former foreman.

Third, for cornet of horse in place of Mackum Mackvarle,[i] departed with the yacht De Catt, Pieter Fredrickx van Maegdenborch, former corporal of horse.

Fourth, for corporal in place of Piere Armengout, departing with the ship De Hinde, Edouart Salmonsen, former cadet.

Fifth, for lance-corporal in place of Henrick Hendricksz, departed with the yacht De Catt, Abraham Watsen, former soldier.

Sixth, for corporal in place of Jems Callender, departed with the ship Het Hart, Adam Haijmich van Haynouw, former soldier.

Seventh, in place of Pieter Fredrickx, former corporal of horse and promoted to cornet, Pieter Hendricksen, former horseman and now corporal of the same.

Eighth, in place of the former captain of arms, Francois Bruin, now free planter, Sigmundt Sellener, former horseman.

Nineth, in place of Carsten Steensen, corporal, returned home with the ship Het Hart, appointed as lance-corporal in the same position, Caspar Nuts, former soldier.

Tenth, for master baker in place of Adrian Margot van Amiens, departed with the yacht De Catt, Juriaen Wolffart van Eystede, senior baker’s helper in the bakery.

Eleventh, whereas the number of Indians, together with those of Aruba and Bonnairo, have increased here by half, and we have learned that they frequently ride into the countryside even against our orders and commands, and also when they are sent there on business they take too much time before they return here, playing among themselves at riding the horses and ruining the animals and so forth, which, in order to prevent as much as possible, we find it advisable for the service of the Company and benefit of this island to bring the Indians again under the command which they were subject to during the time of the honorable Lord Walbeeck,[ii] namely, under a majorate, who daily as the need and service of the Company demands, shall ride into the `countryside and keep watch on them. For this we have employed Hey men Meirs van Essen, with an increase of this salary of eight guilders per month.

Twelfth, because of the departure of the sailors’ cook and because another is needed to replace him, Thonis Jansen van Durgerdam is promoted from helper to master for an additional four guilders per month.

Thus done and concluded on the day, year and place as before, and in witness of the truth signed with our own hands.

P. Stuyvesant
Brian Newton
L. Rodenborch
Jacob Tijssen Pal


Probably the Dutch spelling of Malcolm MacFarley

Joannes van Walbeeck was leader of the expedition which captured Curaçao in 1634 and remained as head of the ruling council until 1638.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.