RESOLUTION to haul salt from Bonaire

Scanned Document:

(9a) Resolution drafted at Fort Amsterdam on Curaçao, 18 July 1644.

The galiot Amsterveen, which we sent to Buenairo 8 to 10 days ago to investigate the condition of the saltpans, informed us upon its return that the pans were partly filled with salt and indicated good possibilities; therefore, we did not want to delay but rather to be prepared to take advantage of the salt as quickly as possible. And whereas we do not have what is required thereto, because of circumstances which have deprived us of shovels and wheel-barrows, we have decided for the maximum benefit, profit and service of the Company to use the contrived equipment to bring as much salt onto dry ground as the weather and time (particularly the Almighty) shall permit; at least (if God so wishes) to gain enough salt to serve as a cargo for the ships Melckmeyt and the freighted fluyt De St. Jacob, and to use for this purpose the service of all the Negroes, because for the present nothing more profitable and beneficial can be performed by them. Thus done and confirmed at the place, year and day stated above.

P. Stuyvesant
Jacob Loper
L. Rodenborch


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.