MANIFEST of goods loaded aboard the Nieuw Amstel bound for New Netherland

Scanned Document:

In the Galiot Nieuwer Amstel, 1659.

Manifest of the goods loaded aboard the galiot N. Amstel, upon which Jacob Jansen Huys is skipper, destined to go to Amsterdam in Nieuw Nederlandt.

At the island of St. Cristoffel

Augustinis Hermans to N. Varlet and Company

10 barrels containing  3668 lb. sugar 
1 chest containing  550 lb. sugar 
1 barrel containing  68 lb. cotton 

Item to himself

1 barrel containing  166 lb. sugar 
2 barrels of molasses 

Pieter van Loo to Tieleman van Vleck

1 cask of sugar  } provisions 
1 cask of lemon juice 

At the island of Curaçao Lord Vice Director Beck to the Lord D.-General Stuyvesant

7 barrels containing 3789 lb. sugar

24000 lb. dyewood

last salt

Item to the aforesaid Lord General

1 small chest of sugar  } provisions 
1 chest of salt 

Item to the lords N. de Sille and P Tonneman

1 small chest of sugar

Item to Do. Driesius

1 chest of sugar

The Lord Director Beck to Johannes Verbrugge

1 small chest of sugar  } provisions 
1 small barrel of salt 

Item to A. Hermans and N. Varlet

1 barrel of sugar, provisions

Item to Cornelis van Ruyven

1 small barrel of sugar, provisions

Lourens van Ruyven to C. van Ruyven

1 barrel of conch

Do. Siperius to H. Jansen van der Vin

1 small barrel of sugar, provisions

Mr. Vaendr.[i] to Daniel Litsco

1 barrel of conch

Franck Bruyn to Dr. Hans Kiersteede

1 barrel of conch

Item to Johannes Verbrugge

1 barrel of conch

Augustinis Hermans to N. Varlet and company

23¼ last salt

The following is what was loaded at the South River of Nieu Nederlant before Fort Nieuwer Amstel, namely:

Augustinis Hermans

14 bear skins  2 half beavers 
10 tanned deer hides  12 untanned deer skins 
2 fox, 1 lion skin  4 elk skins 

Salemon Hansen

3 bundles of deer skins, 66 pieces  1 pack of bear skins, 14 pieces 
18 elk skins, 6 pieces  1 chest, 1 sack of bedding 

Mr. van Gasel

3 bundles of deer skins, 76 pieces  1 small pack in mats[ii]  
12 elk skins  1 small pack of beavers 

Mr. Beeckman[iii]

1 small pack of beavers, unmarked 
1 trunk 1 tun  1 small pack of deer skins 
1 small pack of deer skins  1 ditto deer skins 

Jacob the Company’s sergeant to Pieter Rudolphus

2 packs of deer skins

1 small pack of beavers

In the galiot Nieuwer
, the 16th of June 1659

B. Beyard, supercargo


Probably the abbreviation for vaandrager, “ensign.”
i.e., one small pack of deer skins wrapped in reed mats.
Willem Beeckman, commander at Fort Altena, formerly Fort Christina, i.e. present-day Wilmington, Delaware.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.