MEMORANDUM of necessities for Curaçao

Scanned Document:

Memorandum of necessities and essentials required for the island of Curaçao and the service of the Company.

Provisions, bread as well as pottage, in addition to meat and bacon.

Long beams out of which to make gutters for the cisterns under the roofs of the magazines in the fort.

Beams, planks and spars for warehouses.

Planks of 2 ½ inch thickness for batteries.

Planks of 2 inch thickness in order to make a new bottom for the Company’s cargo boat and bark.

Heavy planks for platforms for cannon.

Clapboards and a good amount of wooden hoops for the cooper here.

Two sturdy farm wagons with four wheels.

Horse harness and equipment for the aforesaid wagons for eight draft horses.

One cart with two wheels and equipment for two horses.

One plow with the appropriate equipment thereto.

One new grain or grist mill or the wood and materials to make a new one here.

Curaçao in Fort Amsterdam, the 23rd of August 1659.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.