ACCOUNT (debit-credit) of Dirck Jansen, skipper of De Nieuw Nederlantse Indiaen

Scanned Document:

Praise God in the year of our Lord 1660, Curaçao, Fort Amsterdam. Dirck Jansen, skipper on the ship De N. Nederlandtsche Indiaen, debit:

28 August  2 skipples of groats at 12 rl.[i]   f 7, 4 
the balance of his account comes to  f 1456, 11 
f 1463, 15 


August  724 pine planks at 4 rl. per plank  f 878, 16 
1245 lbs. of English hardbread at 13 gl. per 100 wt  161,— 
2 barrels of bacon at 40 gl. per barrel  80,— 
1 barrel of meat at 30 gl.  30,— 
75 skipples of peas at 8 rl. per skipple  180,— 
30 ditto private of the skipper at 8 rl. per skipple  f 72,— 
2 barrels of meal of the same, net 418 lb at 3 st per lb  f 61, 19 
f 133, 19  133,19 

Anno 1660

Dirck Jansen, skipper on the afore-mentioned ship, debit:

31 August  To 10 Negroes for the account of its owners[ii] which the skipper has contracted to bring to the lord director general and council at 130 pieces of eight  f 3120,— 


By close of the afore-mentioned account  f 1456, 11 
By the freight of 10 New Netherland Indians which arrived here aboard the afore-mentioned, which also are to be brought to the lord director general and council in New Netherland, as ordered by the lord director Mathias Beck at 30  f 300,— 
By the freight of 6 Curaçao Indians at 24 Holland money  f 144,— 
By balance of this from the Company  f 919, 9 
By the freight of 10 Negroes brought from there for the Company  f 300,— 
f 3120,— 


rl. = Spanish real. 8 reals = 1 piece of eight = 3.4 Dutch florins or 1 real = 6 stivers.
i.e. reders, the partners or owners of a ship.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., Curaçao Papers, 1640-1665 (New Netherland Research Center and the New Netherland Institute: 2011).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.