New York State Council on the Arts Grant Application Files

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New York State Archives

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The series documents the function of the Council of the Arts to promote and assist the study and presentation of the performing and fine arts by granting funds to nonprofit cultural organizations and local arts councils or consortia. Information in the applications typically includes legal name; address; contact person; chairperson; not-for-profit status; sectarian/non-sectarian; prior applications; receipts of multi-year support; type of program; operating budget; funding category; proposed project dates; narrative description of organization; administrative staff members; and board members.
1,853 cubic feet
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Alphabetical by name of grant applicant (within each accretion).

14064-98A: Arranged by program group or type of arts project.

14064-99, 14064-02, 14064-06: Chronological by year, then alphabetical by name of applicant.

14064-01, 14064-04, 14064-12, 14064-17: Alphabetical by name of grant applicant.

Scope and Content Note

The series of grant application files documents the function of the Council of the Arts to promote and assist the study and presentation of the performing and fine arts by granting funds to nonprofit cultural organizations and local arts councils or consortia.

A variety of organizations and projects are funded, including galleries, museums, symphony orchestras, historical societies, dance troupes, opera companies, musical and vocal groups, historical/architectural preservation groups, and a variety of arts foundations and local art councils.

Information in the applications varies over time, but typically includes legal name and name by which the applicant organization is known; address; contact person; name and address of chairperson; not-for-profit status; sectarian/non-sectarian; prior applications; receipts of multi-year support; type of program; operating budget; funding category; proposed project dates; narrative description of organization; names and salaries of administrative staff members; and lists of board members.

Information on the constituents of the organization includes programs and/or services offered to minorities; representatives of minority and/or special constituent group artists in program; minorities on staff; and minority members of the board of trustees.

The applications also include data on recent improvement to facilities; financial information; schedules/hours of operations; institutional memberships in organizations; description of the project proposed for funding; projected budget; tax exempt status; annual financial report; auditor's report; and income tax return.

Other file material varies but usually includes notifications of decisions and contracts between the council and applicant organizations. Other material may include panel comment forms containing votes and comments of the review panel, final reports containing narrative descriptions of program activities or services performed with grant funds, and council reviewers' descriptions of performances.

14064-98A: Files in this accretion (1967-1972, 1976-1977; bulk 1967-1972) are distinct from other series grant application files. They were pulled from subject and correspondence files from a variety of Council program areas. These programs or project types include Visual Arts; Architectural and Environmental Arts; Museum Aid; Performing Arts; Technical Assistance; Art Resources; and Film and Special Programs. The category marked "decentralization files" contains applications from local arts councils. A container list, and for some boxes a folder list, are available.

14064-02: This accretion contains grant application files for the fiscal years 1997 and 1998. Also included is a separate sub-series of Challenge Program application files for the fiscal years 1996 and 1997. The short-lived Challenge Program was an additional source of state funding made available to cultural organizations and local arts councils during the fiscal years 1995 through 1997.

14064-11: This accretion contains files related to the Folk Arts Program only. Types of records include applications and evaluations as well as supplemental materials such as audio recordings, photographic images, video recordings, catalogues, program booklets, event announcements, and other ephemera.

Use of Records

Access Restrictions

Access to certain documents, including but not limited to reviewer comments, is restricted under the state Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

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Other finding aids

Container and/or folder lists for accretions not included in this online finding aid are available at the repository.

Custodial History

14064-94: Some of the 52 cubic feet of records in the 1994 accretion suffered severe water damage from a flood in July, 1995. Approximately 8 cubic feet of records were authorized for destruction by RDA 19727 and subsequently destroyed. An additional 10 cubic feet are unaccounted for and presumed lost or destroyed.

14064-98A: Prior to transfer to the Archives, council staff removed the files in this accretion from nonarchival subject and correspondence files of a variety of Council on the Arts programs.

Acquistion Information

14064-90: This accretion includes records from transfer list 920004.

14064-91: Boxes 1-14 are from transfer list 920003; boxes 15-51 are from transfer list 920004. And the transfer list for

14064-92: This accretion includes records from transfer list 920003.

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Detailed Description

Dates Contents Box Folder

Accretion: 14064-12
1+1+1 1
7 Loaves 1
13 Playwrights 1
29th Street Repertory 1
3-Legged Dog 1
42nd Street Workshop 1
52nd Street Workshop 1
92 Street YW-YMHA 1
826NYC, Inc. 1
1890 House Museum 1891 Fredonia House 1
A Gathering of the Tribes 1
A Place For Jazz 1
AAMC Foundation 1
Aaron Davis Hall 1
Abaca, Inc. 1
ABC No Rio 1
Abingdon Theater Co. 1
Academy of American Poets 1
Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Inc. 1
Actors Company Theater 1
Actors Company Fund of America 1
Added Value and Herban Solutions 1
Adirondack Architectural Heritage 1
Adirondack Center for Writing 1
Adirondack Curriculum 1
Adirondack Lake Center for Arts 1
Adirondack Historical Association 1
Adirondack Film Society 1
Adirondack Theatre Foundation 1
Adobe Theatre Company 1
Aesthetic Education Institute 1
African Film Society Festival 1
African Voices Communications 1
Afrikan Poetry Theatre 1
AIE Institute for Western NY 1
AKWAABA: The Heritage Associates, Inc. 1
Akwesasne Cultural Center, Inc. 1
Alarm Will Sound 1
Albany Center Galleries 1
Albany Institute History and Art 1
Albany Public Library 1
Albany Symphony Orchestra 1
Alfred University 1
Alhambra 1
All Out Arts 1
Alleyway Theatre, Inc. 1
Alliance for the Arts 1
Alliance for Downtown N.Y. 1
Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts 1
Alliance of NYC arts 1
Alliance of Resident Theatre/NY 1
Allied Production 1
Alpha Omega 1-7 1
Altamont Free Library 1
Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation 1
Alwan Foundation 1
Amas Musical Theatre 1
American Museum of the Moving Image 1
American Brass Chamber Music Assn. 1
American Chamber Ensemble 1
American Composers Orchestra 1
American Dance Asylum 1
American Documentary, Inc. 1
American Festival of Microtonal Music 1
American Folk Art Museum 1
American Friends of the Ludwig Fndn. Of Cuba 1
American Globe Theatre Limited 1
American Indian Artists, Inc. 1
American Indian Community Houser, Inc. 1
American Lyric Theatre, Inc. 1
American Modern Ensemble, Inc. 1
American Museum of Natural History 1
American Music Center, Inc. 1
American Music Group 1
American Opera Projects 1
American Place Theatre 1
American Spanish Dance Theatre 1
American Symphony Orchestra 1
American Symphony Orchestra League 1
American Tap Dance Foundation 1
American Turkish Society 1
Americas Society 1
Amherst Museum 1
Amigos Del Museo Del Barrio 1
An Claidheamh Soluis, Inc. 1
Anne Frank Center USA 1
Ansonia Music Outreach 1
Anthology film Archives 1
Antisocial Music 1
Antique Boat Museum 1
Aperture Foundation 1
Apex Art Curatorial Program 1
Apollo Theater Foundation 1
Aquila Theatre Company 1
Archipelago Books, Inc. 1
Architectural League of NY 1
Arena Players repertory Theatre 1
Argento New Music Project 1
Arm of the Sea Productions 1
Arnot Art Museum 1
Ars Nova Musicians Chamber Orch. 1
Ars Nova Theatre I, Inc. 1
Arts21 1
Art App. Guild St. Nich UKR Orth. 1
Art Education for the Blind 1
Art of Franza, Inc. 1
Art in General 1
Art Mission 1
Art of the Early Keyboard 1
Art Omi, Inc. 1
Art Radio International. Inc. 1
Art Resources for Teachers and Students 1
Arts Resources Transfer, Inc. 1
Art Studio of Western NY, Inc. 1
Art Sweats, Inc. 1
Arteeast 2
Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre 2
Artists Alliance, Inc. 2
Artists Space, Inc. 2
Artpeace, Inc 2
Arts & Business Council 2
Arts & Cultura for Oswego County 2
Arts Alliance of Haverstraw 2
Arts Center of the Capital Region 2
Arts Center Theatre of Schenectady 2
Arts Council for Chautauqua City 2
Arts Connection 2
Arts Council in Buffalo & Erie County 2
Arts Council of Rockland, Inc. 2
Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes 2
Arts Council for Wyoming County 2
Arts for Art, Inc. 2
Arts Engine 2
Arts Guild of Old Forge, Inc. 2
Arts Horizons 2
Arts in Orange 2
Arts Resources in Collab., Inc. 2
Arts Society of Kingston 2
Arts/Cltrl Cnc. Greater Rochester 2
Artsgenesis, Inc. 2
Artwalk of Rochester 2
Ascension Music Chorus & Orch. 2
Asia Society 2
Asian American Arts Alliance 2
Asian American Arts Center 2
Asian American Writers Workshop 2
Asian American for Equality 2
Asian Cine Vision, Inc. 2
Assoc. for Dev. of Dramatic Arts 2
Associated Solo Artists, Inc. 2
Association Adv. Crea Musicians 2
Association of Hispanic Arts 2
Association of Independents in Radio 2
Association of Teaching Artists 2
Aston Magna Fndn for Msc & Hum 2
Astoria Music Society, Inc. 2
Atlantic Theatre Company 2
Atlantic Wind Company 2
Ausable Press, Inc. 2
Autonomedia, Inc. 2
Axial Theatre, Inc. 2
Axion Estin Foundation, Inc. 2
Azure Ensemble 2
Babylon Ctzns Cncl on the Arts 2
Badenya, Inc. 2
Ballet Hispanico of NY 2
Ballet Tech Foundation, Inc. 2
Ballet Theatre F9oundation, Inc. 2
Bang on a Can, Inc. 2
Banjo Burke Memorial Fund 2
Baobab Cultural Center 2
Barbad Chamber Orchestra, Inc. 2
Bard College 2
Bardavon 1869 Opera House, Inc. 2
Bargemusic Ltd. 2
Barrow Group, Inc. 2
Bartow-Pell Landmark Fund 2
Baryshnikov Dance Foundation, Inc. 2
Bat Theater, Inc. 2
Batoto Yetu, Inc. 2
Battery Dance Corporation 2
Battleworks Dance Company 2
Bay Street Theatre Festival 2
Bedford Stuyvesant Restor. Corp. 2
Behind the Book, Inc. 2
Belleayre Conservatory, Inc. 2
Big Art Group 2
Big Apple Circus Ltd. 2
Big Dance Theater, Inc 2
Big Springs Historical Society 2
Big ree Productions, Inc. 2
Billie Holiday Theatre, Inc. 2
Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. 2
Binghamton Phiharmonic 2
Black Crow Network 2
Black Dimensions in Art, Inc. 2
Black Moon Theatre Company, Inc. 2
Black Spectrum Theatre Company 2
Blackberry Productions, Inc. 2
Blackfriars of Rochester, NY, Inc. 2
Blessed Unrest Theatre, Inc. 2
Bloomingdale School of Music 2
Blue Coyote Theater Group 2
Blue Heron Theatre, Inc. 2
Blueberry Pond Arts Center 2
Boa Editions, Ltd. 2
Bond Street Theatre Coalition, Ltd. 2
Booklyn, Inc. 2
Boricua College 2
Borinquen Dance Theatre, Inc. 2
Boscobel Restoration, Inc. 2
Bowery Arts and Science 2
Boys & Girls Harbor, Inc. 2
Boys Choir of Harlem, Inc. 2
Bread & Roses Cultural Project 2
Brecht Forum 2
Bric Arts Media Brooklyn, Inc 2
Brick Theater, Inc. 2
Bridge Hampton Historical Soc. 2
Bridgehampton Chamber Music Association 2
Bright Hill Press, Inc. 2
Brillant Corners 2
Broken Watch Theater Company 2
Bronx Arts Ensemble, Inc. 3
Bronx Council on the Arts 3
Bronx Dance Theater, Inc. 3
Bronx House, Inc. 3
Bronx Museum of the Arts 3
Bronx Opera Company, Inc. 3
Bronx River Arts Center, Inc. 3
Bronx Academy of Music 3
Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. 3
Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Inc. 3
Brooklyn Botanic Garden 3
Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Inc. 3
Brooklyn Children's Museum 3
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music 3
Brooklyn Center for Urban Environ. 3
Brooklyn Economic Development 3
Brooklyn Friends of Chamber Music 3
Brooklyn Historical Society 3
Brooklyn Info & Cult. 3
Brooklyn Museum of Art 3
Brooklyn Music School 3
Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony 3
Brooklyn Public Library 3
Brooklyn Rail, Inc. 3
Buffalo Chamber Music Society Fndn. 3
Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society 3
Buffalo Ensemble Theatre 3
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy 3
Buffalo Inner City Ballet Co. 3
Buffalo Media Resources, Inc. 3
Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper 3
Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy 3
Buffalo Philharmonic Orch. Soc. 3
Builders Association 3
Birchfield-Penney Art Center 3
Byrdcliffe Theater Company 3
C.A.M.E. International, Inc. 3
CODA, Inc. 3
Caffe Lenna, Inc. 3
Calliope Creative Foundation 3
Calpulli Mexican Dance Co. 3
Camera Club of New York 3
Camera News, Inc. 3
Campaign for the Westchester Children's Museum 3
Canajoharie Library & Art Gallery 3
Canticorum Virtuosi 3
Capital Arts School Development Assoc. 3
Capital Repertory Company 3
Capital Chamber Artists 3
Capital Civic Center 3
Capoeira Foundation, Inc. 3
Caramoor Center for Music & Arts 3
Career Transition for Dancers 3
Caribbean American Repertory Theatre, Inc. 3
Carnegie Hall Corporation 3
Carousel Society-Niagara Frontier 3
Castellani Art Museum Niagara 3
Catskill Art Society 3
Catskill Ctr for Cons. & Dev. 3
Catskill Conservatory, Inc. 3
Catskill Mountain Foundation 3
Catskill Symphony Orchestra 3
Cattaraugus County Arts Council 3
Cave Canem Foundation, Inc. 3
Cave Organization, Inc. 3
Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Inc. 3
Cayuga County Arts Council, Inc. 3
Cayuga Museum of History & Art 3
CCE or Rochester, Inc. 3
CEC Stuyvesant Cove, Inc. 3
Center Explor/Perceptual Art 3
Center for Arts Education 3
Center for Book Arts, Inc. 3
Center for Contemporary Opera 3
Center for Creative Education, Inc, 3
Center for Independent Productions 3
Center for Performance Research, Inc. 3
Center for Photography Woodstock 3
Center for the Arts of Homer 3
Center for the Arts at Ithaca 3
Center for Trad. Music & Dance 3
Center for Urban Pedagogy 3
Central NY Community Arts Council 3
Central NY Jazz Arts Fndn. 3
Central Park Conservancy, Inc. 3
Centro Civico of Amsterdam, Inc. 3
Chamber Music America 3
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 3
Chamber Music Society of Utica 3
Chapel of Our Lady Restoration, Inc. 3
Charles Rivera Productions, Inc. 3
Chashama, Inc. 3
Chatham Film Club, Inc. 3
Chautauqua Institution 3
Cheektowaga 3
Chelsea Art Museum 3
Chelsea Associates, Inc. 3
Chelsa Opera, Inc. 3
Chemung County Historical Society 3
Chemung County Performing Arts 3
Chenango Co. Cncl On the Arts 3
Chenango River Theatre, Inc. 3
Cherry Lane Alternative 3
Chez Bushwick, Inc. 3
Children's Art Carnival 3
Children's Media Projects 3
Children's Museum of the Arts 3
Children's Museum of the East End 3
Children's Museum of Manhattan 3
Children's Musum of Nat. Hist/Sci 3
Children's Theatre Company 3
Colgate University 4
Columbia County Historical Society 4
Chic Luna Productions, Inc. 4
China Institute in America 4
Chinese American Arts Council 4
Chinese Cultural Programs, Inc. 4
Chinese Music Ensemble of NY 4
Chinese Musical Arts 4
Chinese Theatre Works 4
Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy 4
Church of the Holy Apostles 4
Church St. School for Music and Art 4
Cider Mill Playhouse 4
Cine Qua Non 4
Cinema 10 4
Cineaste Publishers, Inc. 4
Cinema Tropical, Inc. 4
Circle in the Square Tht School 4
Circle of Dance Repertory Co. 4
Circle Theatre Players, Inc. 4
Circuit Productions 4
Circumference 4
Circus Amok 4
City Grand Opera Society 4
City of Hornell 4
City Lights Youth Theatre 4
City Lore, Inc. 4
City Park Foundation 4
City of Rochester 4
City of Utica 4
Civic Capital Corporation 4
Civilians, Inc. 4
Clarion Music Society, Inc. 4
Classical Domain 4
Classical Productions 4
Classical Tht of Harlem 4
Clemente Soto Velez Cult Center 4
Clip Light Theater Company, Inc. 4
Clockwork Theatre, Inc. 4
Clubbed Thumb, Inc. 4
Coalition of Arts Providers for Children 4
Collaboartive Arts project 4
Collapsable Giraffe, Inc. 4
Collective Unconscious Corp. 4
College Community Services, Inc. 4
Colonial Dames of America 4
Columbia Cnty Cncl on the Arts 4
Columbia Land Conservancy, Inc. 4
Columbia Univ. Trustees 4
Coming Together Fest/Dnc & Music 4
Community 2000 4
Community Arts Partnership-Thompkins County 4
Community Folk Art Center 4
Community School of Music & Arts 4
Community Word Project 4
Community Works, Inc. 4
Companion Star, Inc. 4
Complexions-A Concept in Dance 4
Composers Collaborative, Inc. 4
Composers Concordance 4
Concert Arts Guild, In. 4
Concert Royal, Inc. 4
Concerted Effort, Inc. 4
Concordia College 4
Concrete Temple Theatre 4
Coney Island USA 4
Congress for Jewish Culture 4
Conservancy for Historic Better Park 4
Construction Co Tht Dance Assoc. 4
Converging Arts Media Organization 4
Cooper Union Adv. Of Sci & Art 4
Cooperstown Chamber Music Fest. Inc. 4
Cooperstown Concert Series 4
Copland House, Inc. 4
Cornell University 4
Corning Museum of Glass 4
Corning Elmira Musical Arts, Inc. 4
Corning-Painted Post Civic Msc. 4
Corning Painted Post Historical Society 4
Corporation of Yaddo 4
Cortland Repertory Theatre, Inc. 4
Council of Literary Magazine & Presses 4
Council of Comm. Services of NYS 4
Council on Arts for Clinton County 4
Council on the Arts for Staten Island 4
Counter Induction, Ltd. 4
Counter of Essex 4
Crandall Public Library 4
CRC Inst. For Arts in Education 4
Creation Production Company 4
Creative Alternatives of NY 4
Creative Outlet Dance Tht of Brooklyn 4
Creative Time, Inc. 4
Cross Performance, Inc. 4
Crowd Magazine 4
Crown Heights Jewish Community Council 4
CSC Repertory, Ltd. 4
Cue Art Foundation 4
Cultural Center Soviet Refugees 4
Cultural Council of Cortland County 4
Cultural Resources Council Syracuse-Ond. 4
Culture Project 4
Cunningham Dance Foundation 4
Curran Events, Inc. 4
Cygnus Ensemble, Inc. 4
Cypreco of America 4
Earlville Opera House, Inc. 5
D'Youville Coll-Kavinoky Tht 5
D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center 5
Da Capo Chamber Players, Inc. 5
Dactyle Fndn. Arts & Humanities 5
Dagmar Collective, Inc. 5
Dahesh Museum 5
Dance Continuum, Inc. 5
Dance Education Services of Long Island 5
Dance Entropy, Inc. 5
Dance Giant Steps, Inc. 5
Dance New Amsterdam 5
Dance Notation Bureau 5
Dance Project Sequence, Inc. 5
Dance ring, Inc. 5
Dance heater Etcetera, Inc. 5
Dance ht of Harlem 5
Dance Tht. Workshop, Inc. 5
Dances & Drums of Africa, Inc. 5
Dance/NYC 5
DanceNow/NYC, inc. 5
DanceWave 5
Dance Works, Inc. 5
Dancing rane, Inc. 5
Dancing in the Streets, Inc. 5
Dansology 5
Danspace Project, Inc. 5
Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theatre 5
David Hochstein Memorial Music School 5
Deep Dish Network 5
Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. 5
Delaware Co. Historical Assn. 5
Delaware Valley Arts Alliance 5
Delaware Valley Opera Corp. 5
Depot Theatre, Inc. 5
Destine Dance Foundation, Ltd. 5
Dia Center for the Arts 5
DiCapo Opera Tht. Corp. 5
Dieu Donne Papermill, Inc. 5
Diller-Quaile School of Music 5
Directors Forum, Inc. 5
Discaled, Inc. 5
Discovery enter of Southern Tier 5
Doing Art Together 5
Door-A Cntr of Alternatives 5
Dorian Woodwind Quintet Fndn. 5
Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs 5
Double Entendre Music Ensemble, Inc. 5
Dova, Inc. 5
Downtown Art Company 5
Downtown Community Television Center 5
Downtown Music Productions 5
Drama League of New York 5
Drawing Center, Inc. 5
Dreamyard Drama Project, Inc. 5
Drunken Boat 5