Register of Advance-in-grade certificates issued to secondary schools

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These certificates were issued when schools advanced or lowered their grading sequence. The approved grading sequence determined a school’s official designation as a junior high, middle high, or high school. Information for each certificate includes school name, location, new grading sequence, former grading sequence, and occasionally the school principal’s name.
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Administrative History

Certificates were issued to schools when they advanced (or occasionally lowered) their grading sequence. Through 1927 the official designation of grade sequences was determined by the number of years of approved instruction offered beyond the eight grade: junior high (1 year), middle high (2 years), senior high (3 years), high (4 years), academy (4 years in a chartered or incorporated private school - this designation was dropped in favor of high school in 1913). In 1928 an amendment to the Regents Rules changed the designations as follows: junior high (grades 7 - 9), middle high 1/2/3 (grades 9, 9-10, or 9-11, respectively), high (grades 9 - 12 to 7 - 12). The designation senior high was discontinued. A further amendment in 1937 eliminated the designations of middle high 2 and 3.

Scope and Content Note

This bound volume contains a record of certificates issued to schools when they advanced (or occasionally lowered) their grading sequence. The volume provides the following information about each advance (or lowering) in grade: name of school, certificate number, location of school (usually), dates certificate issued and sent, advanced grade and often former grade, occassionally the school principal's name. The volume begins with certificate number 969; it is unknown whether records of earlier certificates exist. After 1967 the issuance of advance-in-grade certificates was discontinued. At the end of the volume are several lists of syllabi revision committee members, ca. 1911 - 1918.

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Indexed through page 99 (approximately two-thirds of volume) by name of school.

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