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Women's rights--New York (State)

Hazardous wastes--Law and legislation--New York (State)

Female offenders

Sales tax--New York (State)

Insurance--New York (State)

Home ownership--New York (State)

Antitrust law--New York (State)

Jury selection--New York (State)

Mentally ill--Commitment and detention--New York (State)

Insanity (Law)--New York (State)

Internet--Safety measures

Campaign funds--New York (State)

Attorneys general--New York (State)

Public health--New York (State)

Environmental protection--New York (State)

Organized crime--New York (State)

Housing--New York (State)

Hate crimes--New York (State)

Child welfare--New York (State)

Taxation--New York (State)

Crime--New York (State)

School violence--New York (State)

Fraud investigation--New York (State)

Medicaid fraud--New York (State)

Public utilities--Rates--New York (State)

Discrimination in housing--New York (State)

Evidence, Expert--New York (State)

Psychiatric hospital patients--New York (State)

Air--Pollution--New York (State)

Election law--New York (State)

Product safety

Political ethics--New York (State)

Women--Crimes against

Conflict of interests--New York (State)

Civil procedure--New York (State)

Beverage containers--Recycling--Law and legislation--New York (State)

Child abuse

Country clubs--Law and legislation--New York (State)

Clubs--Law and legislation--New York (State)

Civil rights--New York (State)

Public contracts--New York (State)

Gambling--New York (State)

Women--Legal status, laws, etc.

Victims of crimes--New York (State)

Abortion--Law and legislation--New York (State)

Gun control--New York (State)

Gay rights--New York (State)

Education--New York (State)

Abused women--New York (State)

Children--Legal status, laws, etc.

Charities--New York (State)

Sports betting--New York (State)

Freedom of association--New York (State)

Consumer protection

Drugs--New York (State)