Organized into six subseries: Subseries 1, Records of First Assistant Attorneys General, 1962-1982, 109 cu. ft.; Subseries 2, Records of the Counsel to the Attorney General, 1984-1988, 52 cu. ft.; Subseries 3, Records of the Director of Policy and Communications, 1982-1993, 18 cu. ft.; Subseries 4, Records of the Executive Assistants to the Attorney General, 1970-1990, 30 cu. ft.; Subseries 5, Records of the Deputy First Assistant Attorneys General, 1979-1986, 19 cu. ft.; and Subseries 6, Records of the Special Assistant to the Attorney General, 1979-1984, 14 cu. ft.

18571-95A, 18571-97, 18571-97A, 18571-98, 18571-02, 18571-05, 18571-07, 18571-10, 18571-11A:Alphabetical by subject.

18571-99:Roughly by subject.

18571-02:Alphabetical by subject; furlough applications alphabetical by last name.

18571-10A, 18571-12, 18571-12A:Uncertain arrangement.

18571-13A: Alphabetical by name of state agency.