Use of Records

Access Restrictions

18571-02: Access to furlough applications restricted to protect personal privacy.

18571-07, 18571-09, 18571-10, 18571-10A, 18571-10B, 18571-11, 18571-11A, 18571-12, 18571-12A, 18571-12C, 18571-13, 18571-13A: Designated records may contain information that is exempt from disclosure pursuant to state or federal statute or common law. Requests for access to designated records are reviewed by staff of the State Archives and the Office of the Attorney General (Dept. of Law). In certain circumstances, designated records or portions of records may be withheld.

Use Restrictions

18571-12C: Records in this accretion may be protected by U.S. Copyright. Consult with archivist to obtain more information.