Administrative History

The Temporary State Commission on Constitutional Revision was established by Governor Mario Cuomo through executive order 172 of May 1993. Its function was to help New Yorkers prepare for a mandatory ballot question in 1997 on whether a state constitutional convention should be called. The state constitution (article XIX, section 2) required such a vote every 20 years. In 1977, New Yorkers voted against calling a convention.

To carry out its function the commission held public hearings, received input from a wide variety of public officials, interest groups and citizens, and prepared issue papers and interim and final reports with recommendations. The final report, issued in February 1995, recommended New Yorkers vote "yes" to the 1997 ballot question of whether to hold a convention. It also recommended four major areas--education, criminal justice, state/local relations, and fiscal integrity--where the convention should consider constitutional reform.

The commission consisted of 17 members, chaired by Peter Goldmark of the Rockefeller Institute of Government, and maintained offices at the Institute in Albany and in New York City. The Institute handled personnel and fiscal matters. The commission concluded its work and closed operations in March of 1995.