Scope and Content Note

The series is a daily account of financial transactions taking place at Auburn State Prison. Chapter 169 of the Laws of 1817 required the agent for each state prison to keep a regular and correct account of the monies received and disbursed. This daybook, or journal, is part of the agent's account for Auburn Prison.

The volume contains the name of the person or firm, materials and/or services, and monetary amounts involved in each transaction. Transactions usually involved services and materials provided to the prison, items sold and labor supplied by the prison, and monies added or deducted from prisoners' accounts.

The series is arranged chronologically by date of entry in a manner common to early nineteenth century single column bookkeeping account books. The date is recorded on top of each page, under which the type of the transaction appears (e.g., "Sundries to Cash") followed by a listing of the particulars of each transaction. Each of these entries contains the name of the parties, goods or services, amount of money receives or paid, and a page reference to the companion ledger in which this information was also posted. The companion ledger is not present in the series.