Inmate identification files

Held by the New York State Archives

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New York State Archives

New York State Education Department

Cultural Education Center

Albany, NY 12230

Records contain fingerprints, photographs and negatives, DCI or NYSIIS criminal record, FBI criminal record, Bertillion Records, other non-probationary criminal records. Files are only for inmates sent to Matteawan. These records are related to inmate case files.
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Numeric by inmate number.

Scope and Content Note

These files are contained in 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" manilla envelopes labeled "Identification Envelope."

On the outside of the envelopes are listed ten categories of records that might be contained inside. These categories are: 1) fingerprint received from court; 2) institution fingerprints with photo mounted; 3) negative of photograph; 4) D.C.I. (later NYSIIS) criminal record; 5) FBI criminal record; 6) extra photograph; 7) Bertillon Records; 8) other criminal record (not probation reports); 9) Form 15-7, until turned over to Division of Parole; and 10) left blank for other records. A check mark is placed opposite each category to denote that the envelope contains the record.

The envelopes vary in content. The earlier files usually contain only the institution fingerprints form (sometimes the photo is mounted on the card, usually it is not), the negative and an extra photograph. The later files are more complete and usually contain the records mentioned above plus the FBI criminal record and the DCI or NYSIIS criminal record (these both listed past offenses and dispositions). It would appear that files are for inmates only sent to Matteawan. Also, even though check marks are to be found opposite a certain record, the record may not be included. The inmate's case file (series A1500) may contain the missing record.

Use of Records

Access Restrictions

Restricted in accordance with Section 33.13, Mental Hygiene Law, relating to confidentiality of clinical records. Access permitted under certain conditions upon application to and approval by the Office of Mental Health.

Rap sheets and fingerprints found in this series are restricted.

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Series A1500, Inmate Case Files from Matteawan and Dannemora State Hospitals, may contain some records missing from these files.

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