Parole agent's correspondence regarding paroled, transferred or escaped inmates

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This series contains correspondence with the Protestant Parole Agent relating to transfer of inmates to other institutions; attempts to locate escaped inmates or parole offenders; rewards for capture of escapees; home conditions, employment, behavior, and prospects of paroled inmates; and a few letters from paroled or transferred inmates discussing their present situation.
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This series contains correspondence between the Protestant Parole Agent and the Superintendent; letters addressed to the Superintendent and referred by him to the Parole Agent; and correspondence between the Parole Agent and officials of various institutions and law enforcement agencies. Correspondence through 1904 is that of Parole Agent Lewis Haas; from 1905-1911, correspondence is of Joseph A. Harvey, who assumed Haas' field duties in 1905 and became parole agent in 1907 upon Haas' death (the chaplaincy was separated from the functions of Parole Agent in the same year).

The series includes: correspondence with county superintendents of the poor and the New York State Custodial Asylum for Feeble Minded Women regarding transfer of inmates to that institution; correspondence with local law officers, agents of the U.S. Detective Bureau, and U.S. Navy officers regarding attempts to identify and locate fugitive escapees or parolees who had committed further offenses and/or enlisted in the Navy illegally; transmitted letters concerning monetary rewards given for capture and arrest of fugitive escapees or parolees; correspondence with Leonard Webb, head of the organization known as the "Buffalo Auxiliary" of the State Industrial School, who received weekly reports from and spoke regularly with parolees in Buffalo; letters to the Parole Agent from parole officers in the field concerning home conditions, employment, behavior, and prospects of paroled inmates;

letters from the Parole Agent to the Superintendent regarding the character, occupation, family, and home conditions of men providing homes for paroled inmates; letters from the Superintendent ordering transfer of listed inmates to the institution's new site; and a few letters from paroled or transferred inmates discussing their present situation (e.g. working; institutionalized).

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Restricted in accordance with Executive Law, Section 501-c(1)(b), relating to confidentiality of individuals in custody of the Division for Youth (now Office of Children and Family Services).

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The Department of Social Welfare placed these records on loan to the Syracuse University Library from 1960 to 1977.

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