New York House of Refuge Inmate Admission Registers

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New York State Archives

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These registers contain summary inmate admission information which generally includes: name, case number, annual entry number, admission date, assigned division, race, percentage (i.e., ethnicity or nationality) and age. Volume one also include "size" on a scale from one to six county of residence and if inmate's parents were living or dead. Volumes two and three include: religion; whether a new commitment or a returnee; offense; original commitment date and dates of previous commitments.
1 cubic foot; 3 volumes; 1 microfilm roll 35mm
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Numeric by case history numbers which were assigned consecutively at the time of admission.

Scope and Content Note

These volumes consist of printed standard forms containing summary inmate admission information.

The form used in the first (1882-1911) volume contains less information than a different form used in the second (1911-1922) and third (1922-1932) volumes. Entries in all three volumes contain the following information: inmate name and case number; annual entry number (for the year beginning in October in the first volume and beginning in July in the other two volumes); date of admission; division to which the inmate was assigned (boys or girls and a number); race (either "white" or "col'd" or, after 1911, "negro"); parentage (i.e., ethnicity or nationality); and age. Until 1895, the first volume also contains an entry for "size" rated on a scale from one to six. Other information found only in the first volume is the inmate's county of residence and whether the inmate's parents were living or dead. The second and third volumes contain the following additional information: religion, designated as "C", "H", or "P" for Catholic, Hebrew, or Protestant; whether a new commitment or a returnee; offense; date of original commitment (for returnees); and dates of previous commitments.

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There are no restrictions regarding access to or use of this material.

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Microfilm is available for use at the New York State Archives or through interlibrary loan.

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Related Materials

Series A2087 New York House of Refuge Register of Inmates Admitted and Discharged, contains admission information from 1859-1882.

Custodial History

The Department of Correction placed these records on loan to the Syracuse University Library from 1960-1977.

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Accretion: A2088-77
1882-1911 Inmate Admission Registers 1 1
1911-1922 Inmate Admission Registers 2 2
1922-1932 Inmate Admission Registers 2 3