Statistical tables compiled for report on wage investigation

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Statistical tables based on data collected by field agents about factory employees from establishments studied 1912-1914. The tables provide statistics about factory workers such as: wages; age; sex; time worked; years worked; immigration status; occupation; and housing. The series contains background information about how the information was gathered to create the tables.
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These are tables compiled from data cards collected by field agents providing statistical information on employees in various firms or industries studied in the Wage Investigation.

Each table provides the following: establishment number or industry; table number; subject of table; initials of tabulator; initials of verifier; and employee statistics compiled according to various combinations of the following variables: wages, age, sex, years worked for wages, years worked in trade, years worked in firm, if native or foreign-born, occupation, days and hours worked, conjugal condition, and living arrangements (eg. if boarding, retire, private home). Sample blanks of these tables, some numbered differently, are published in Fourth Report of the Factory Investigating Commission, Vol. II, pp. 29-46 (1915).

In a few cases, other records are interfiled with the tables, including: tables on graph paper providing weekly totals of employees and employee earnings in shirt, candy, and paper box firms; answers to field agents' questions about individual firms, recorded on Supplemental Cards (Form 12) or 5-page questionnaires; and correspondence, mostly from field agents answering inquires from the office about missing information, unclear information, or how certain information was gathered on data cards sent in by the agents.

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