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This series, a "Map of Capitol Park Albany N.Y," is a combination location map and site plan and includes several profiles and one diagram of landscaping work planned for Capitol Park during construction of the State Capitol. Apparently prepared by George L. Schillner, the map shows the Capitol building, the Capitol Park grounds, surrounding streets, driveways, access points, locations of water pipes, hose hydrants, catch basins, tile drains from the basins, and specifications for area and protecting walls.
0.3 cubic feet (1 map): col. ink tracing; 102 x 91 cm.
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Administrative History

Chapter 737 of the Laws of 1895 established a commission to complete construction of the unfinished portions of the capitol, including approaches to the building and laying out of the grounds. In 1897 (Chapter 78) this responsibility was shifted to the Superintendent of Public Works, who directed the commission and supervised the completion of all unfinished portions, again including approaches and laying out of the grounds.

It was the superintendent's responsibility to examine the drawings and specifications prepared and submitted by the Capitol Commissioner, to alter them as necessary, and to approve them (by endorsement) when they were completed to his satisfaction. Work was then contracted by the superintendent according to the plans and specifications so prepared and approved.

Scope and Content Note

This single sheet tracing entitled "Map of Capitol Park Albany N.Y." is a combination location map and site plan, including several profiles and one diagram, of landscaping work planned for Capitol Park during construction of the New York State Capitol.

Notations on the sheet show it was drawn on March 1, 1898, after a survey conducted in December 1897. An approval signature of the Superintendent of Public Works, dated March 9, 1898, appears in the lower right corner of the sheet, as does the name of the apparent preparer, George L. Schillner.

The map shows the New York State Capitol building, the grounds of Capitol Park, and surrounding streets, driveways, and access points. Lines drawn on the park grounds indicate locations of water pipes and hose hydrants (blue), catch basins and tile drains from the basins (red), and radial measurements in feet that represent portions of circumferences from specified points (used to aid landscaping layouts, to place forms, measure flower beds, etc.). Specifications are also given for area and protecting walls (e.g., projecting wall cut down 8" or area wall raised 20") and directions on sites of new granite copings and curb removals.

There are also seven profiles included on the sheet. These are side views of areas included between points marked on the map in yellow letters (e.g., Profile of Line AB) and also of driveway, sidewalk and curb areas (e.g., Profile of Washington Ave. Walk & Curb). In addition there is one drawing (diagram and cross section) of a catch basin.

The tracing is hand drawn on architect's linen in black, red, blue, and yellow ink. The map scale is 30 feet to one inch. The profiles have a horizontal scale of 30 feet to one inch and a vertical scale of 10 feet to one inch. The diagram is done to one quarter inch scale. The tracing measures 102 x 91 cm within neat lines.

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