Administrative History

The State Engineer and Surveyor supervised the sale and settlement of state lands. He accomplished this in part by directing the surveying and mapping of land and by maintaining records of surveys, maps, and land sales.

Legislation of 1849 and 1851 authorized the Commissioners of the Land Office to have surveyed and mapped certain state-owned salt lands in the City of Syracuse. Three appraisers appointed by the governor were to appraise the lands, the salt production and storage buildings, and other improvements. The Commissioners were then to have the buildings and lands sold at the appraised value. The maps and appraisals were to be filed with the State Engineer and Surveyor.

Legislation of 1874 and 1878 authorized the Commissioners of the Land Office to require appraisal of and to sell salt lands in the Town of Geddes. Current lessees of the land were given the first option to purchase it.