Auburn Prison Daily Reports of Male Population

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New York State Archives
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This series consists of statistical records of Auburn prisons' population of incarcerated individuals. Information may include total number: in prison; in prison at morning and in evening; received; discharged; lodgers; applications for treatment; treated; not treated; excused from labor; pardoned; died; sent to other locations; new commitments; transfers from other correctional institutions; returned from parole, courts or escape; released by parole, expiration of sentence or commutation; escaped, condemned; and housed in cells, dormitories, hospital; and at other locations.

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These are statistical records of the population of incarcerated individuals.

The first volume, covering 1879-1906, gives the date; total number in prison at morning; number received; number discharged; total number in prison at evening; and remarks. The second volume begins in 1908 and covers the years until 1938. The form is changed, giving the date; number of patients, lodgers, and assistants in hospital; number of applications for treatment; number treated; number not treated; number excused from labor; total in prison; number received; number discharged; number pardoned; number died; number sent to Asylum; number transferred; number discharged by writ; number escaped; and remarks.

Unbound forms cover the years 1941-1942 and 1951-1952. The form is changed again, this time to provide for the date; number received from courts (new commitments), other Department of Correction institutions, returned from parole, returned from courts (writs witnesses, etc.), from escape, and others; number released by parole, expiration of sentence, commutation, to courts in compliance with writs and court orders, to other Department of Correction institutions, escaped, or died; number in cells, regular dormitories, improvised dormitories, cottages, hospital (help and sick), segregation (help and others), death house (help and condemned), at farm, camps, court, sick or funeral visit, other locations; totals; and signature of principal keeper.

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Accretion: B0062-77
1879 October - 1906 August Volume 1 1
January 1908-April 1938 Daily reports 2 1
September 1941-June 1942 Daily reports 2 2
April-July 1951 Daily reports 3 1
August-December 1951 Daily reports 3 2
January-March 1952 Daily reports 3 3