Auburn Prison Registers of Male Inmates Received

Held by the New York State Archives

Overview of the Records


New York State Archives

New York State Education Department

Cultural Education Center

Albany, NY 12230

This series records basic information about inmates admitted to the prison. Information includes inmate class, consecutive and register numbers, name, crime, sentence, dates received and sentenced, county, court, former trade or occupation; employment status; if could read or write; if married; age, color, weight, height, habits, nativity, and data on previous incarcerations (crimes, which prison/jail; duration, discharge dates, and how and when discharged). Bulks of the records are from 1876-1891. Gaps exist.
6 cubic feet (6 volumes)
Inclusive Dates:
1870-1891, 1900-1953
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Chronological by date received.

Scope and Content Note

These records of inmates admitted to the prison were generated pursuant to the Correction Law requiring wardens to maintain daily records of inmates received.

The registers contain standard-form pages for entering basic information on inmate class (A, B, or C), consecutive number, register number, name, date received, crime, sentence, date of sentence, county, court, judge, former trade or occupation, idle or employed when arrested, married or single, color, age, weight, height, if could read or write, habits, number of previous confinements in state prison, to what prison formerly sent, crime for which previously confined in state prison, duration of sentence, receiving and discharge dates, place of nativity, number of previous confinements in a county jail, to what county jail previously sent, crime, duration of sentence, receiving and discharge dates, and how and when discharged (from county jail).

Volume 5 (January 1928-June 1937) is missing from the series.

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Accretion: B0067-77
1870-1892 Volume 1 1
1900 July-1910 December Volume 2 2
1911 January-1919 June Volume 3 3
1919 July-1927 December Volume 4 4
1928 January-1937 June Volume 5 5
1937 July-1953 July Volume 6 6