Daily attendance reports of institution personnel

Held by the New York State Archives

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New York State Archives

New York State Education Department

Cultural Education Center

Albany, NY 12230

This series consists of records of employee absences from Auburn prison. Information includes date; absentee's name; title; reason for absences; number absent on vacation and day off. All staff appear to be listed: Principal Keeper-Assistant Superintendent; Assistant Principal Keeper, 2nd Assistant Principal Keeper; Captain; Lieutenant; sergeants; guards; patrolmen-watchmen; matrons; clerks; and staff various departments such as engineering industrial; education; farm; medical; hospital; stores kitchen and bakery; laundry and state shop; maintenance; parole.
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Inclusive Dates:
1941-1942, 1951-1952
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Scope and Content Note

These are records of employee absences. The Principal Keeper was required by a law of 1889 to keep records of personnel attendance.

The records give the date; absentee's name, title, and reason for absences; number absent on vacation and day off: Principal Keeper-Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Principal Keeper, 2nd Assistant P.K., Captain, Lieutenant, sergeants, guards, patrolmen-watchmen, supervising matrons, matrons, assistant matrons, head clerk, clerical staff, engineering staff, industrial staff, education department staff, farm staff, medical and hospital staff, stores department staff, kitchen and bakery staff, laundry and state shop staff, general maintenance staff, parole staff, total; and signature of P.K.

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