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This series contains records created or compiled by the State Board of Parole in relation to parole of inmates from Auburn Prison. For each inmate applying for parole, there is a folder with records documenting the entire process of parole from inmate admission into the state correctional system through release on parole and return to confinement for any parole violation.
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This series contains records created or assembled by the Board of Parole relating to inmate parole from Auburn Prison. The board was responsible for deciding when an inmate was eligible for parole based on the inmate's minimum sentence, progress and conduct during confinement, and the likely success of a parole program.

While on parole, an inmate remained in the legal custody of the prison's warden but was subject to the general jurisdiction and control of the State Parole Board. The board set the conditions of the parole and local parole officers or community agencies supervised the inmate during the parole period.

The board held regular meetings at the state's correctional institutions, including Auburn, and it used these records to assist its parole decisions and to monitor parole. For each inmate applying for parole, there is a folder with records documenting the entire process of parole from inmate admission into the state correctional system through release on parole and return to confinement for any parole violation. Many inmates who were paroled were eventually returned to prison for violating parole conditions. A substantial number of these inmates were subsequently paroled a second or even a third time. The inmate's parole folder contains pertinent records relating to each of these paroles.

The parole records contain files on approximately 5,000 Auburn inmates who applied for parole, including inmates with inmate numbers between #26751 and #52654. A portion of these parole records duplicate records found in the main series of Auburn Prison inmate case files (Series 14610-77A and 14610-88D). Approximately 75% of the inmates represented in the main case files also have a folder in the Board of Parole files.

For most of the period covered by the parole files, Auburn served as a transfer prison. It received inmates from other institutions rather than by commitment directly from the courts. The files, therefore, include records from confinement at previous institutions, particularly Elmira Reformatory and Sing Sing Prison. The following is a description of the principal parole records:


Receiving blotter. This blotter includes summary information on the inmate's personal and family history, education, military record, and crime and arrest record.

Division of Criminal Identification inmate arrest record. This record contains information on all previous arrests and convictions relating to the inmate.

Board of Parole inmate questionnaire. This record contains inmate responses to questions relating to the inmate's history. The questionnaire contains detailed information on the inmate's family, education, religion, and work and military history.


Application for parole. In this record, the inmate describes his work during confinement, provides names of persons for personal references, and promises good conduct if released on parole.

Transcript of Parole Board hearing. This record is a verbatim transcript of the inmate's hearing before the Board of Parole. Typically, hearings consist of brief questions and answers relating to inmate behavior during confinement and prospects for successful conduct and employment during parole.

Pre-parole reports. For each inmate applying for parole, the records contain several reports prepared by local parole officers. These reports, totalling approximately 20 pages in length, provide detailed descriptions of the inmate's family, education and religious life, associations, employment, and criminal history. The reports include detailed descriptions of the crime for which the inmate was presently sentenced.

Correspondence relating to parole application. The records include letters from family members, prospective employers, school officials, local district attorneys, clergy, and others relating to the suitability of the inmate for parole.

Certificate of release on parole. This record provides the date of parole, the name of the local parole officer who will supervise the inmate and the conditions under which the parole is granted.


Report by the institutional parole officer. This report summarizes the inmate's confinement and his plans for parole, with recommendations by the parole officer.

Reports on inmate accomplishments. The records contain individual reports from a number of staff including the principal keeper or warden, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, chaplain, and the head of the industrial department. There is also a summary record describing all these reports along with a report on the inmate's educational accomplishments and general adjustment to prison life.


Monthly parole reports. For paroles granted through the 1920s, the records include monthly parole reports that describe the inmate's employment, wages received, expenses, and any special problems encountered during the month. The reports were completed by the inmate on parole and approved by the local parole officer. Reports may include comments by the parole officer.

Violation of parole reports. These reports, submitted to the Board of Parole by local parole officers, summarize the inmate's parole history and describe the conditions surrounding the violation of parole. The majority of parole violations consist of an arrest for new crimes and the reports provide details from local police authorities on the crime and subsequent arrest as well as a statement from the inmate.

5) CORRESPONDENCE, MEMORANDA, AND REPORTS RELATING TO AN INMATE'S APPLICATION FOR PAROLE AND PAROLE APPROVAL. The records include various letters and memoranda exchanged between the Board of Parole, local parole officers, and prison officials. These records relate to an inmate's application for parole, parole conditions, violations of parole, and return to prison after parole violation.

6) RECORDS RELATING TO EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY CASES. The files include records pertaining to inmate applications for commutation of sentence by the governor. In certain special cases, the governor would reduce the length of an inmate's sentence to make him eligible for early parole. The records include reports by prison staff and the Division of Parole describing the inmate's personal and criminal history, confinement in prison, and any special conditions warranting commutation of sentence. If the inmate received executive clemency, the records include a certificate of parole giving the conditions of the commutation.

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Summary information on adult inmates is disclosable under law. State Archives staff will review records containing probation, parole, medical, and juvenile criminal history data and disclose information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law and Personal Privacy Protection Law. The identity of victims of sex crimes is not disclosable. Unless a specific law forbids disclosure indefinitely, all records must be disclosed after 75 years.

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