Clinton Prison Inmate Admission Ledgers

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This series consists of volumes providing physical description and summary personal, criminal conviction, and sentencing information regarding each inmate admitted to Clinton Prison.
Clinton Prison inmate admission ledgers

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10 volume(s)

Inclusive Dates:
1846, 1851-1866, 1926-1948
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Chronological by admission date.

Scope and Content Note

Admission ledgers provide summary background information on each inmate.

A ledger for 1846 and 1851-1866 provides name, county in which convicted, date of conviction, nature of crime, country or state of birth, distinguishing physical characteristics (age, race if black, height, color of eyes and hair, complexion, scars, tattoos, etc.), and date admitted into the prison. Some contain notes on death or pardon of inmates. Convictions are mostly from the northern and eastern parts of the state.

"Receiving Blotters" for years 1926-1939 also contain entries for each inmate received providing name, alias, race, date of sentence, date of admission, court received from, name of judge, plea, crime, term of sentence, jail time, date of eligibility for parole, age, occupation, state or county of birth, year of arrival in U.S., nativity and nationality of parents, marital status, height, habits ("moderate, temperate, intemperate"), use of drugs and tobacco, state of health, education (literacy), language spoken, number of years of schooling, grade reached, technical education, college, religion, frequency of church attendance, employment, salary, whether self-supporting, residence when arrested, name and address of nearest relative, and reason given by inmate for criminal acts ("intoxicated," "foolishness," "innocent," "evil companions," etc.). There is also a criminal history giving name of previous institution, name of alias used, inmate number, date, term, crime, how discharged, and date of discharge. At the end of the entry is a list of articles taken from the inmate on reception and deposited in the chief clerk's office, the name of the person taking the record, date, and signature of inmate (often lacking). Beginning in 1931 the ledgers also provide: nature of crime and any accomplices, birth date, city of birth of inmate and parents, age of inmate when his parents died, number of brothers and sisters, sequence in family, employment record (last three employers, dates of work, type of work, wage), residence when arrested, and legal residence.

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Clinton Prison Admission Ledgers, 1851-1866, 1926-1939 on

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Detailed Description

Dates Contents Box

Accretion: B0098-77
1851-1866 Volume 1 1
1947 January 2-1948 May 14 Inmate Nos. 29326 - 29961 10
1926 March 16-1929 March 20 Inmate Nos. 20033 - 21342 with Sporadic Gaps 2
1929 March 30-1931 March 12 Inmate Nos. 21343 - 22086 3
1931 March 23-1933 May 22 Inmate Nos. 22087 - 23188 4
1933 May 25-1934 October 1 Inmate Nos. 23190 - 23959 5
1934 October 4-1937 January 19 Inmate Nos. 23962 - 25091 6
1937 January 21-1939 March 31 Inmate Nos. 25092 - 26161 7
1939 April 7-1942 May 20 Inmate Nos. 26173 - 27678 8
1942 May 21-1946 December 27 Inmate Nos. 27679 - 29323 9