Ledger of monthly and cumulative statistics on the inmate population

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This series consists of statistical profiles of inmates at the New York State Reformatory. Category statistics include type of offense; length of maximum and definite sentence; occupation; personal and physical characteristics; educational level; mental level; religion; color; ethnicity; past criminal and institutional history; and level of drunkenness. Other statistics relate to number of prisoners discharged; paroled; returned for parole violations; pardoned; escaped; transferred to other institutions or died while in prison. Records are restricted.
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Chronological by year, then month.

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This series consists of a one-volume ledger containing a statistical profile of inmates at the New York State Reformatory at Elmira from October 1915 to June 1923. In addition to listing monthly statistics, the ledger provides cumulative totals for the current fiscal year.

The ledger lists the total number of inmates under the following categories of information: type of offense (arson, burglary, forgery, etc.); length of maximum and definite sentence (1 year, 5 years, etc); county (probably the county of sentencing); occupation; personal characteristics of inmates including age, marital status, physical characteristics, educational level, mental level, religion, color and ethnicity, past criminal and institutional history, and level of drunkenness; and general prison statistics including the number of prisoners discharged, paroled, returned for parole violations, pardoned, escaped, transferred to other institutions, or who died while in prison.

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