Scope and Content Note

Under provisons of state law the Fire Marshal was required to report to the legislature statistics on the crime of arson. Letters were sent from Fire Marshal Thomas J. Ahearn to county district attorneys requesting the number of arrests for arson; the number of convictions attained; lists of names of defendants and (if sentenced) the terms of imprisonment; the number of cases pending; and any remarks on difficulty in prosecuting or apprehending arson culprits (e.g., lack of funds to hire investigators). The series consists of the responses by county district attorneys between September 1911 and December 1912. A few copies of the Fire Marshal's letter are present, with transmittal letters. Summary tables apparently prepared from the responses appear at the end of the series. Arranged alphabetically by suspect's last name, tabular information includes: name; status (arrested, acquitted, committed, convicted, dicharged, indicted); punishment; county in which crime was committed; and year.