Scope and Content Note

The series consists primarily of computer printouts listing parcels of lands affected by flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes in 26 New York counties in June 1972, and the percentage loss of each parcel damaged as a result of the hurricane. This percentage was calculated by the State Board of Equalization and Assessment and was crucial in providing tax abatements to taxpayers who applied to the state board for relief.

The printouts provide statistical breakdowns of damages, detailed listings of parcels affected by the flooding, and statewide flood statistics by municipality and school district. The records also include microfilm copies of the reports of loss of taxable real property and requests for evaluation; correspondence, transmittal logs, memoranda and instructions on the emergency flood program; file maintenance reports; employees' time and salary reports; and various computer generated and administrative lists of municipalities reporting parcel damage.

The computer printouts include parcel counts for the 26 counties (giving percentage loss by town, etc.); summary reports of school districts damaged by the hurricane; and estimated loss by county, town, or municipality of 1971 assessed values due to flood damage.

Seven reels of 16mm microfilm contain loss forms [EA 511(a)] reporting loss of taxable real property and requesting evaluation. These four-page forms give the following information provided by the owner: owner's name; property address; type of property; general description of damage; specific property location (for verification of damage); federal loan number (if applied for); and 1972 assessment roll information, signed and dated by the owner. The reviewing officer then provided the land use code; estimated percentage loss in land value and building value; land to building ratio; and remarks. This section was signed and dated by the reviewing officer.