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This series documents operating expenses for nearly the entire period during which the House of Refuge was open. Format and type of information collected changes over time but generally include itemized description of goods or services purchased. Expense categories typically include manufacturing (including shop and farm); provisions; utilities; clothing; furniture; salary; building and grounds; school; hospital; transportation and laundry. Later volumes include Cash receipts and appropriations.
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These volumes document operating expenses for nearly the entire period during which the House of Refuge was open. Early volumes include transaction number; date of transaction; vendor; itemized description of goods or services purchased along with cost; general category of expense; and total amount of transaction. Categories of expenses in daybooks prior to 1898 typically include manufacturing, food and provisions, fuel and light, clothing, furniture, salary or payroll, building and repairs, school, hospital, telephone and telegraph, ferry, and laundry.

Beginning in 1898, expenses were recorded in larger accounting journals. These volumes include columns with pre-printed headings corresponding to individual expense categories. Itemized descriptions of goods or services purchased are recorded in a column entitled "Day Book and Journal Entries." Cash receipts and appropriations are also included in these later volumes. Expense categories in these volumes are similar to earlier volumes, with some additions such as expenses of managers; traveling expenses; transportation of inmates; shop; farm and garden; roads, grounds, and walks; power and water; general administration; and fixed charges and contributions.

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Related Materials

Series B1835, General ledgers, 1824-1935, contains the same information as found in the daybooks but the entries are arranged by expense account rather than the continuous chronological order found in the daybooks.

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Custodial History

B1740-00: This series was transferred to the State Archives at an unknown date and accessioned in December 2000.

B1740-03: These volumes were transferred to the State Archives by the Department of Correctional Services at an unknown date. They were accessioned in conjunction with a project undertaken by Archives staff in 2003 to describe or integrate estrayed or unidentified records.

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Accretion: B1740-03
1824 January-1833 May Daybooks 1 1
1833 May-1843 December Daybooks 1 2
1844 January-1853 July Daybooks 2 3
1884 April-1888 January Daybooks 2 4
1888 February-1892 January Daybooks 3 5
1895 November-1898 February Daybooks 3 6
1898 May-1900 July Daybooks 4 7
1900 August-1902 October Daybooks 5 8
1902 November-1905 September Daybooks 6 9
1905 October-1909 December Daybooks 7 10
1910 January-1914 January Daybooks 8 11
1913 October-1920 June Daybooks [duplicates part of Volume 11] 9 12
1920 July-1927 June Daybooks 10 13
1927 July-1934 June Daybooks 11 14