New York State Department of Correctional Services Clinton Correctional Facility Inmate Case Files

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Clinton Correctional Facility, located in Clinton County, N.Y., is a maximum security correctional facility for male felons. Inmate case files describe in great detail the family and social background, arrest, confinement, and release/parole of incarcerated men.
Clinton Correctional Facility inmate case files

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Scope and Content Note

This subseries of the general inmate case files series, Series 14610, consists of inmate case files relating to men who were incarcerated in Clinton Correctional Facility. Inmate case files describe in great detail the family and social background, arrest, confinement, and release/parole of inmates. The content of the case files reflects the role of each institution.

Beginning with inmates released after 1956, only the following case files categories were transferred to the State Archives: inmates who died in custody, sex offenders, inmates of certain minority ethnic groups, inmates who received life sentences, and a 2% sample of all inmates who were released from any correctional facility.  All other case files were destroyed.

W0014-77: This accession consists of approximately 1,600 case files relating to inmates confined at Clinton Prison from approximately 1930 to 1956. Case files relate to inmates with consecutive numbers between 16755 and 27729. The files reflect Clinton Prison's principal function as a maximum security prison receiving male felons from the eastern and northern sections of the state and from the Reception Center. Clinton also received inmates from other correctional institutions, particularly those who were disciplinary cases, were serving long term sentences, or were tubercular patients or drug addicts. Clinton case files also reflect the employment of inmates in several major industries including textiles, iron products, and lumbering.

W0014-91B: This accretion consists of approximately 800 case files relating to inmates admitted to Clinton Prison between approximately 1940 and 1954. Case files relate to inmates with consecutive numbers between #28099 and #34051. The records are a continuation of accession 14610-77, Inmate case files, ca. 1930-1956.

W0014-95B: The accretion consists of case files for a 2% sample of inmates released from 1954 through 1978 from Clinton Correctional Facility. There is no breakdown of files within sample categories.

W0014-05: This accretion contains a 2% sample of case files for inmates incarcerated in Clinton Correctional Facility. In addition to the sampled case files, files for prisoners receiving life sentences, sex offenders, inmates who died in custody, and inmates of Asian and Native American ethnicity are included when available.

W0014-08B: This accretion consists of selected case files for inmates who were released or died in custody at the Clinton Correctional Facility from 1989-1992.

W0014-21: This accretion documents inmates whose sentences reached maximum expiration dates in 2003-2004. Records only document inmates categorized under specific felony and central monitoring classes: Class A-1, CMC A status; Arson (1st, 2nd); Kidnapping (1st, 2nd); Conspiracy (1st); Coercion (CMC A, class D only).

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W0014-05, W0014-13, W0014-19: Folder list is available at the repository.

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Link to Name Index Personal Name Index The index to series W0014 identifies inmates confined in the institution between approximately 1930 and 1956.

Acquisition Information

This series was transferred under RDA 14610 by the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

W0014-21: This accretion was transferred under RDA 16112.

Processing Information

W0014 is formally part of Series 14610, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Inmate Case Files. To improve access, Series 14610 was divided into "W" subseries corresponding to individual correctional facilities.

Access Restrictions

Summary information on adult inmates is disclosable under law. State Archives staff will review records containing probation, parole, medical, and juvenile criminal history data and disclose information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law and Personal Privacy Protection Law. The identity of victims of sex crimes is not disclosable. Unless a specific law forbids disclosure indefinitely, all records must be disclosed after 75 years.

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Accretion: W0014-13
Notorious:69D0016 1
Notorious:74A0708-75A4080 2
Notorious:76C0404-79A1638 3
Notorious:79A3136-81A0862 4
Notorious:81A0862 5
Notorious:81A1532-83A3186 6
Notorious:83A5535-84A3375 7
Notorious:84A4742-85A2197 8
Notorious:85A4226-86A0071 9
Notorious:86A3105-86A3243 10
Notorious:86A7903-87A1262 11
Notorious:87A1370-87A2043 12
Notorious:87A2761-87A8062 13
Notorious:87A8435-87B0556 14
Notorious:87D0106-88A0793 15
Notorious:88A2223-88A3288 16
Notorious:88A8435-88D0090 17
Notorious:88T0118-88T1832 18
Notorious:89A3821-89A7904 19
Notorious:89A5504 20
Notorious:89A8920-89B0867 21
Notorious:89T1706-89T5215 22
Notorious:90A0183-90A6282 23
Notorious:90A7550-90B0864 24
Notorious:90D0097-90T2017 25
Notorious:90T2075 26
Notorious:91A1078-91A3591 27
Notorious:91A3699-91A5347 28
Notorious:91A5501-91A6513 29
Notorious:91A7122-91A9581 30
Notorious:91B0425-91B1649 31
Notorious:91R1274-91R7076 32
Notorious:92A0124-92A1209 33
Notorious:92A1488-92A2395 34
Notorious:92A2649-92A3052 35
Notorious:92A4649-92A5676 36
Notorious:92A6310-92A6428 37
Notorious:92A6535-92A7618 38
Notorious:92A7699-92B0339 39
Notorious:92B0420-92B0867 40
Notorious:93A0976 41
Notorious:93A1837 42
Notorious:93A1837 43
Notorious:93A2285-93A2792 44
Notorious:93A2960-93A3777 45
Notorious:93A5177-93A6479 46
Notorious:93A6614-93A7208 47
Notorious:93A7452-93A8051 48
Notorious:93B0093-93B0697 49
Notorious:93B1647-94A1739 50
Notorious:94A2002-94A4108 51
Notorious:94A7760-94B2277;95A1113 52
Notorious:94R9243-95A0798 53
Notorious:95A1140 54
Notorious:95A1759-95A2462 55
Notorious:95A2782-95A3112 56
Notorious:95A4366-95R1714;Attica Riot:71C0245 57
2% Sample:80A2379-88A9319 58
Attica Riot:90A2128 59
Other Race:91A5276 60
Attica Riot:91B1738 61
2% Sample:92A3616-93A9703 62
2% Sample:93R1326 63
Notorious:88A2451-90T1829 64
Notorious:89B3236-90T3137 65
Notorious:93A5948-95A3513 66
Notorious:83A0635 67
Notorious:87A9639-93A9445 68
Notorious:93R0483-94R2162 69
Notorious:87A9746-90T1102 70
Notorious:91A0976-91B0329 71
Notorious:92T0097 72
Notorious:87T1029-91R6060 73
Notorious:81A2823 74
Notorious:82A6056 75