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Sullivan Correctional Facility, located in Sullivan County, N.Y., is a maximum security correctional facility for male felons. Inmate case files describe in great detail the family and social background, arrest, confinement, and release/parole of incarcerated men.
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Scope and Content Note

This subseries of the general inmate case files series, Series 14610, consists of inmate case files relating to men who were incarcerated in Sullivan Correctional Facility. Inmate case files describe in great detail the family and social background, arrest, confinement, and release/parole of inmates. The content of the case files reflects the role of each institution.

Beginning with inmates released after 1956, only the following case files categories were transferred to the State Archives: inmates who died in custody, sex offenders, inmates of certain minority ethnic groups, inmates who received life sentences, and a 2% sample of all inmates who were released from any correctional facility. All other case files were destroyed.

W0050-05: This accretion consists of the case file of one inmate, released from Sullivan Correctional Facility, who had been incarcerated in Attica Correctional Facility at the time of the 1971 uprising.

W0050-08: This accretion contains a 2% sample of case files of inmates incarcerated in Sullivan Correctional Facility, the majority of whom were released from 1988-1992. In addition to the sampled case files, prisoners receiving life sentences, sex offenders, inmates who died in custody, and inmates of Asian and Native American ethnicity are included when available.

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Summary information on adult inmates is disclosable under law. State Archives staff will review records containing probation, parole, medical, and juvenile criminal history data and disclose information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law and Personal Privacy Protection Law. The identity of victims of sex crimes is not disclosable. Unless a specific law forbids disclosure indefinitely, all records must be disclosed after 75 years.

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Related Materials

Series 14610 Inmate Case Files, provides a detailed description of the entire series of inmate case files. Accretion 14610-00A contains additional inmate case files for this facility.

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W0050-05, W0050-13, W0050-19: Folder lists are available at the repository.

Acquistion Information

W0050-13, W0050-19: These accretions were transferred under RDA 14610 by the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

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Accretion: W0050-13
Notorious:77A1991-81A1063 1
Notorious:83A1770-86A0418;90T2491 2
Notorious:86A1768-86A2325 3
Notorious:86A9607-87B0745 4
Notorious:88A2063 5
Notorious:88A3076 6
Notorious:88A9089-88T0645 7
Notorious:87C0450-89A6711 8
Notorious:89C1337-90T5378 9
Notorious:91A5649 10
Notorious:91A5649-91A8282 11
Notorious:91A9048-94A1016 12
Notorious:94A1358-94A7112;86T0155 or 15988 13
Notorious:89A9833;Attica Riot:66C0010-70A0074 14
2% Sample:90T2188;Attica Riot:71C0053 15
2% Sample:91A8897;Other Race:93R7269 16