Settlement of Annetje Jans upon her minor children by Roeloff Jansen, her first husband

Scanned Document:

In the year after the birth of our Lord and ] Savior Jesus Christ, one thousand six hundred ] and forty-two, personally came and appeared before me, ] Cornelis van ] Tienhoven secretary in New Netherland ], appointed by the General ] Chartered West India Company ], Annitjen Jans, formerly widow of the late Rouloff Jansen from Masterland, and at present wife of Everardus Bogardus, minister here, with the Hon. Willem Kieft, director general of New Netherland, and Mr. Johannes La Montangne, her chosen guardians herein,[1] who declared that in the month of March anno 1638, before she, Annitjen Jans, had entered into the marriage state with her present above named husband, she had agreed with the guardians of the surviving legitimate children which the aforesaid Rouloff Jansen had in his lifetime procreated by her respecting their share of their deceased father’s estate, which aforesaid contract was drawn up and written by the late secretary Hudden,[2] and is at present not to be found in the old books, papers or registers.

Wherefore, for the security of the aforesaid children and Annitjen Jans above named, she has caused this instrument to be drawn up as a supplement to the foregoing contract, and in case the latter happens to be discovered elsewhere, she Anna Jans, holds it as valid and of no less force than the present, on the condition that whenever this shall be fulfilled, the other contract shall be null and void. First, the said ] Anna Jans promises ] to pay to the above mentioned minor children whenever they shall attain their majority, from her first available means, as their share of their deceased father’s estate, the sum of one thousand Carolus guilders, Holland currency, to wit: To her daughter Sara Rouloffs, aged about sixteen years, two hundred guilders; to Trijntjen Rouloffs, aged thirteen years, two hundred guilders; to Sijtjen Rouloffs, aged eleven years, two hundred guilders; to Jan Rouloffsen, nine years old, two hundred guilders; and to Annitjen Rouloffsen, aged six years, a like two hundred guilders; which amounts for the five children aforesaid to one thousand guilders; on the express condition and stipulation that she, Anna Jans, and Everardus Bogardus, her present lawful husband, shall have the use of the moneys aforesaid, without interest, until the above named children shall become of age. She, Anna Jans, and Everardus Bogardus also promise, saving the children’s property, to bring them up according to their means, to provide them with the necessary clothing and food, to keep them at school, to let them learn reading, writing and a good trade, all according to their ability; with which the above named children henceforth and forever shall hold themselves satisfied, without ] being able to claim either from Anna Jans or from ] her guardians, heirs or assigns ], on account of their father’s estate ], anything more than each the ] aforesaid portion of two hundred Carolus guilders, which she, Anna Jans, assisted herein by her guardians aforesaid, and the said Everardus Bogardus promise fully to tender and to pay, free of costs and charges, without any exception or gainsay, waiving therefore all exceptions of whatsoever nature which may in any way be contrary to this instrument. For the security and performance hereof we, Anna Jans and Everardus Bogardus, bind our respective persons and properties, movable and immovable, present and future, under submission to the Provincial Court of Holland and West Friesland and all other courts, judges and justices. In witness and token of the truth this is signed with our own hands. Done the 21st of June anno 1642, in Fort Amsterdam, in New Netherland.

Anna Ians
E. Boghardus
Willem Kieft
La Montagne
Cornelis van Tienhoven
Annetje Jans’s husband being himself a party to the contract, it was necessary for her to choose others to act as her guardians in the matter.
Andries Hudde.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 2, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.