Assignment by Gregor Pischoen to Rivert Symonsen Pillis of his pay due from the West India Company

Scanned Document:

Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeared Griger Pischoen, from Rosenbergh, who in the presence of the undersigned witnesses declared that he assigned, as he hereby does, to Rivert Symonsz Pillis, at Enckhuysen,[1] his account of pay ] earned by him at St. Louis de Marinhan in the service of the honorable directors of the Chartered West India Company at Amsterdam, amounting to the sum of one hundred and nine guilders, for which sum he, the appearer, acknowledges that he has been fully satisfied and paid before the execution hereof by the aforesaid Rivert Symonsz. He, the appearer, therefore gives ful1 power of attorney and authority to present the above mentioned account to the honorable directors, to demand and receive the one hundred and nine guilders from their honors and to give a receipt for the payment, the attorney ] doing in all things what he, the the appearer, were he present, could or might do. It is also expressly stipulated, if the honorable directors refuse to pay the aforesaid sum to Rivert Symonsz, or his order, that he shall retain a lien on the monthly wages which the appearer shall earn in New Netherland. In witness whereof this is signed in the record by Griger Pischoen and by ] Willem de Key and Tonis Kray, as witnesses hereto invited, the 18th of April 1645, in Fort Amsterdam.

Griger Pisschoen
Willem de Key
Cornelis van Tienhoven
The words “Rivert Symonsz Pillis, at Enckhuysen” are substituted in the margin for “Pieter Jacobsz, from Hoorn.”
Signatures of Kray and van Tienhoven supplied from O’Callaghan’s translation.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 2, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.