Inventory of the goods confiscated in the ship Jonge Prins van Denemarcken

Scanned Document:

Inventory of the goods confiscated under benefit of inventory by the director general' and council with the ship De Jonge Prins van Deenmarcken, whereof Tienman Willekens is master and merchant, as the same was taken on the 23d of March 1649, at the requisition of the fiscal, in the presence of [      ] [1]

A piece of buckskin from the chest of Tielman Willekens, which was sealed and handed to the fiscal, containing a small quantity of gold, weighing 3¼ loot [2]

From the warehouse of Augustyn Hermans

341 Elephant's tusks, in three lots, weighing, to wit:

81 large  lbs 3193 
116 middling  1988 
147 small  863 
lbs 6044 
No.1  One pipe of Barbadoes sugar, weighing with the cask, gross  lbs 887 
One ditto  1026 
One ditto  904 
One firkin  534 
One half-cask  655 
1 ditto  465 
1 ditto  720 
1 ditto  610 
1 ditto  565 
10  1 ditto  639 
11  1 ditto  595 
12  1 ditto  665 
13  1 ditto  585 
14  1 ditto  400 
15  1 ditto  586 
16  1 ditto  650 
17  1 ditto  645 
18  1 ditto  937 
19  1 ditto  972 
20  1 ditto  765 
20 casks of Barbadoes sugar, weighing with the casks  lbs 13805 
Brought forward from the other side; sugar unloaded from the ship  lbs 13805 
21  One half-cask, eighing with the cask  631 
22  1 ditto  620 
23  1 ditto  620 
24  1 ditto  620 
25  1 ditto  640 
26  1 ditto  660 
27  1 ditto  680 
28  1 ditto  500 
29  1 ditto  690 
30  1 ditto  645 
31  1 ditto  640 
32  1 ditto  650 
33  1 ditto  620 
34  1 ditto  670 
35  1 ditto  670 
lbs 23361 

The hull of the ship De Jonge Prins van Deenmarcken (lying high and dry on the beach, so that at usual daily flood ]-tide one can walk around it without wetting the feet). is on the outside badly worm-eaten and sheathed with plank up to the gunwale

The mainmast and mainyard unfit for use
The mizzenmast and yard are good
The foremast and foreyard are no good
The bowsprit and spritsail yard, quite good
The topmasts and yards, good
The rigging more than half worn; a pair of shrouds broke by their own weight
The maintopmast rigging, mostly new
The foremast rigging, ditto
The foretopmast rigging is old
The maintopmast is old
The forestay, not particularly good
1 old hawser
Foresail rope, almost new
Bowline, old
The running gear, almost new
Two good blocks in the rigging
Two ditto, not much good
One sheet-anchor mostly half worn
One kedge-anchor rope, half worn
1 old tie-rope, very short and old
1 old cable with very old ends
2 anchors which are good and heavy
1 heavy ditto with a stock
1 old boat with four oars
1 set of sails, with a spare foresail, half worn out
2 buoy ropes

The ship 's hull is in such a condition that it must be caulked anew and repaired inside and all around, from top to bottom.

Gunner's stores

15  iron cannon lying on the beach, to wit: 
10  pieces of 4  with their carriages 
pieces of 3 
pieces of 2 
150  iron cannon balls 
kegs of powder, weighing 309 lbs gross 
7 or 8  swabs, unfit for use 
pistols at Augustyn Heermans' 
12  cutlasses, of no value 

Cook's and steward's utensils

large kettels, not worth much 
pork fork 
copper dishing ladles 
pewter dinner plates  For the cabin 
ditto platter 
ditto bowl 
mustard pot 
salt cellar 
earthen wine pitcher 

22 water casks, on the beach


The ship, standing and running rigging, sails, ammunition, gunner's, cook's and steward's utensils are found to be as stated above, in the presence of the cook and steward, gunner and chief boatswain, and of Abraham Planc and Fredrick Lubbersz, impartial freemen, before Mr. Lubbert van Dincklagen, Paulus Leendersz and Adriaen Keyser, on the requisition of the fiscal, the 25th of March 1649, In New Netherland.


Names not given.
One loot, or lood, equals ½ ounce.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 3, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1648-1660 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.