Assignment by Roeloff Jansen Haes to Adriaen Keyser of his claim against Burger Jorissen for 1000 guilders

Scanned Document:

Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, Secretary of New Netherland, appeared Rouloff Jansen Haes, who duly acknowledges that he is indebted to Mr. Adriaen Keyser, commissary of New Netherland, in the sum of one thousand Carolus guilders for goods furnished and delivered, the receipt of which to his satisfaction before the execution hereof the appearer acknowledges. As security for the payment of the aforesaid sum the appearer assigns a certain claim amounting to the sum of one thousand guilders, arising from the purchase of a house situated on the East River, which Borger Jorisz, farrier, is bound to satisfy and pay to the appearer on the last of July of next year, A° 1650, without exception or contradiction, which claim and money aforesaid he, the appearer, assigns and transfers, as he hereby does assign and transfer ], to Adriaen Keyser, commissary of New Netherland, to demand, collect and receive the same as his own money on the day it becomes due as above mentioned, without the appearer, or any one on his account, now or hereafter claiming any right of ownership thereto. The said Mr. Keyser, upon receipt of the amount ] shall have power to grant a discharge to Borger Jorisz. In testimony whereof this is signed by Rouloff Jansen Haes and witnesses, the 18th of June A° 1649, New Amsterdam.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 3, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1648-1660 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.