Substitution by Jan Louresen Appel of Lucas Eldertsen as attorney of Arnoldus van Hardenbergh to collect certain debts on the South River

Scanned Document:

Before me, Jacob Hendricksz Kip, clerk (in the absence of the secretary) appointed by the honorable director general and council of New Netherland, appeared the worthy Jan Louresen App ]el, as attorney of Mr. Arnoldus van Hardenberch, who in the presence of the undersigned witnesses declared that he, in the best form to him possible, substitutes and empowers as he does hereby substitute and empower, by virtue of his power of attorney, the worthy Luycas Eldertsz from Jeveren, at present residing on the South River of New Netherland, to ask, demand, collect and receive in his, the principal's, name, in the capacity aforesaid, from Mr. Andries Hudden, commissary in the service of the honorable West India Company, residing at Fort Nassau on the South River aforesaid, the sum of two hundred and twenty-eight guilders, six stivers; from Symon Root, trader there on the South River above mentioned, the sum of three hundred and twenty-eight guilders, and from David't Davitsz the sum of two hundred and eighteen guilders, and likewise from one Tomas Broen, also residing there, the sum of eighty-four guilders and 2 stivers, all payable in beavers, as appears by the annexed account and authentic bonds On receipt of the aforesaid sums, or any of them, by the above named substitute, he may execute a discharge in due form therefor which shall be valid; he, Jan Louresz Appel, as attorney aforesaid, promising to hold and cause to be held valid whatever shall be done and performed in the matter above mentioned by the above named Luycas Eldertsz, as his substitute; provided, nevertheless, that he, the substitute, remains bound to render an account of his receipts to him, Jan App ]el, or his principals. This is signed without fraud or deceit by him, Jan Appel, with the witnesses hereto invited, this 20th of October 1649, in New Amsterdam.

Jan Louresen Appel
Fr ]anssoys Noiret
Adriaen van Tienhoven
Jacob Kip


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 3, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1648-1660 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.