Inventory of the personal estate of Jan Jansen Damen

Scanned Document:

Inventory of the personal
estate left by Jan Jansen Damen,
deceased on the 18th of June, as
found by the honorable Mr. La
Montagne and the respective
curators, viz: Jacob van Curlaer
and Tomas Hall, in the presence
of the subscribing witnesses,
this 6th of July 1651, as follows:

In the large front room

7 pictures on paper in wooden frames
One common looking-glass
2 snaphances
1 firelock
1 rapier
1 large powder horn
2 clothes brushes
1 wooden pepperbox
2 sieves
1 pair of new shoes
One wooden candle box
One wooden inkstand
2 brass wreaths(Copere Cransen)
One traveling bag
One folio Bible
One chronicle
One old quarto Bible
One cellaret with 12 bottles, empty
6 chair cussions of green cloth
One single bed and bolster, old
One double bed and bolster
4 pillows
2 green blankets
One white woolen blanket
2 white linen sheets
One bolster
One brass warming pan
One pewter chamberpot

One blue chest wherein:
14 white linen sheets, good and bad
16 pillow slips, mostly old
3 table cloths
10 napkins
7 towels

About 2 ells of new linen
8 (Shirts, good and bad
1 pair of linen[1] underdrawers3 cravats
6 men's night caps of printed calico, mostly old
1 pr. colored and 1 pr. white knit stockings
1 linen band
3 black handled knives
1 remnant of colored bombazine
1 remnant of white stuff
2 remnants or strips of canvas
¾ ell of bedticking
3 doz. pewter and 3 doz. brass buttons
6 pocket handkerchiefs, of which one is new and 1 colored
fl. 9" 2 in doits and farthings
3 pieces of eight
25½ stivers in specie
One little sack with two Indian bags containing fl. 275 in wampum as mentioned below
One hat box containing 2 black hats, one of which belongs to Pieter Stoutenborgh
On the bed: one canvas coverlet
One colored bombazine coverlet
One red cloth waistcoat
One sealed chest containing:
5 linen bands
3 cravats
22½ ells of black taffeta
About one pound of blue Spanish silk
About one pound of red ditto
One pound of flesh-colored ditto
One colored cloth coat, new
One old cotton quilt
fl. 156"12 in single shillings @ 6 stivers
fl. 5"10 in specie
Five pieces of eight
One ducatoon
Six rixdollars
19½ shillings in silver coin
37 quarter pieces of eight
Two half rixdollars
fl. 5 in specie
fl. 275 in wampum @ 6 for one stiver,
whereof fl.66 were left in the hands of
Jan Vinje for the harvest

One silver wine cup
2 silver plated spoons
½ beaver

In a chest, being sealed
Some letters and papers
One shirt
13 pairs of Faroe stockings
2 pieces of linen
1 piece of fine linen
1 piece of canvas
1 new crimson waistcoat
1 suit of colored bombazine clothes
1 suit of colored cloth with a narrow braid
1 suit of black cloth
1 remnant of cloth
4 blue and 1 striped pocket handkerchiefs
1 pair of colored say stockings
1 pillow slip
1 red night cap
15 black handled knives
1 silver plated goblet
6 silver plated spoons
One colored cloth coat, nearly new
One pair of linen breeches
3 linen bands
2 bullet and one shot mold
1 gimlet
1 dozen auger bits
1 pound of yarn
4 pieces of lace
1 cotton cravat
2 printed men's caps
3 brass snuffers
1 tin grater
1 Iron hammer
As much black silk and green lining as are needed for a gown
Black wollen stuff for a short cloak, with the necessary black lining and silk braid and back satin

One colored cloth dress, half worn
One wooden bench
One pewter flask,
One cot

In a chest, being sealed
20 shirts
One piece and one remnant of linen
2 pairs of Spanish leather men's shoes
2 pairs of Spanish leather
2 pairs of dried leather[2] women' shoes
2 pairs of dried leather men's shoes
One tick for a bed
2 brass cocks
One dozen pewter spoons
2 reels of spun cotton
2 pewter cups
1 pair of men's slippers
1 pair of women's slippers
2 whetstones for the mowers
2 scissors for linen
12 doz. yarn laces
2 new augers
One small table with a cover on it
One churn with its outfit
One firmer chisel
One gouge
One mortise chisel

In the entrance hall
One pewter vaen[3] measure
One Pewter half-pint measure
One pewter flagon with a lid
One tin lantern

One iron pot
One small looking-glass
One pewter basin
2 pewter pint measures
6 copper kettles, large and small
1 large and 1 small brass pan
1 earthen jug
1 sieve
4 water pails
4 small milk tubs
One salt cellar
One pewter funnel without pipe
One pothanger
One pothook
2 andirons
One old sugar box
5 wooden dinner plates
3 brass candlesticks
9 pewter porringers
1 skimmer
1 pewter jug holding two vaens
1 pewter half flagon with a lid
1 pewter mug
1 salt cellar
1 new pewter funnel
15 pewter plates
1 small pewter bowl
1 large pewter bowl
1 earthen bowl
9 pewter dishes
2 small spoon bits
Two green curtains with an old rug for a bedstead
One brass candlestick with a handle
9 earthen dishes
2 copper potllds
1 iron candlestick
2 sconces
1 ash shovel
1 pair of tongs
22 pewter spoons
1 gun at Dirck Noorman's to have a stock made
1 small table cover
1 pothook

87d(2) ] One chest in the entrance hall containing:
6 whole and one ¾ winter beaver skins
One remnant of new linen, 11 ells long
One ditto, 19 ells long
One ditto, long 16 ells, scant
One ditto narrow linen-13 ells, scant
One remnant of linen-5 ells
One pair of white leather shoes

In the pantry
4 wooden butter molds
2 wooden pint measures for milk
2 copper griddles for pancakes
1 ditto stewpan
One iron mortar
One bellows
2 pewter platters
2 earthen dishes
One small syringe
One pair of scales with 4 lb, 10 lb and 1 pound weights
One cutting blade
One saw
One gridiron

In the cellar under the house
2 beer beer barrels
8 beer half-barrels
1 box of candles
3 butter tubs
1 barrel of black beer
2 meat tubs
2 other tubs
3 brass cocks
1 tap auger
1 earthen pot
1 small earthen pot

The 7th of July 1651. Present the Hon.
Mr. La Montagne, Jacob van Corlaer, Cornelis Aertsen and Jan Cornelissen Buys[4]

In the rear part of the house or the barn
2 half sacks of hops as they have just come from Holland
1 beer half-barrel
3 old chairs
3 empty boxes
1 keg full of nails
1 old grain sieve
1 iron spade
2 whips
2 scythe snaths
1 cutting box and one blade
2 pitch forks
1 meat fork
1 beer pole and sling
2 new plow shares with hasp
One dung fork and one dung hook
One wooden rake
One axe
2 iron wedges
22 vims [5] of barley
12½ vims ditto
together in the rick
1 flail
1 bed with a pillow
Iron hoops for a pail
One cross cut saw
3 Flemish scythes
2 scythe handles
2 reaping hooks

On the loft
138 schepels of barley malt[6]
64 schepels of barley malt
40 schepels of wheat
17 schepels of rye
5 schepels of oats
10 new Flemish scythes
12 old Flemish scythes
3 new scythe blades
3 grain cutters
3 sickles
1 new hatchet
1 new adze
1 old scythe blade
1 bundle of straps and hinges for the flails
9 scrubbing brushes
8 round brushes
1 new winnowing basket
2 barrels with a little wheat and corn feed for poultry
1 old winnowing basket
1 iron bound churn full of hops
1 barrel half full of corn
1 meat tub
1 beam and scales
1 iron maul
1 small tub with old iron
22½ ells of haircloth
One cask with two iron hoops
2 bags of hops, about 40 lb in all
1 empty cask
About 40 ells more of haircloth
½ doz. Whetstones
2 grain sieve skins
One rapier blade on a stick
4 bags of flour for bread
One schepel measure
2 grain scoops
5 hames, new
Some iron hoops and rubbish
One dry cask
One cask with iron hoops containing 2 schepels of rye
One ditto containing 3 schepels of peas
One winnowing basket
12 Flemish scythe handles
2 iron shod wooden shovels
1½ dot. flail caps
2 baskets, wherein, new,
1 piece of hay wagon rope
6 hames
1 piece of wagon line
2 pieces of cow line
4 bundles of traces
6 bundles of thin plow line
½ bundle of traces
1 bundle of wagon line
2 bundles of halter rope
2 skeins of three-ply twine
1 skein of mending thread
1 haywagon rope


One gelding, 7 years old
One mare, 4 years old
One 12 year old mare with a young filly
1 yearling mare
6 milch cows
4 heifers, 3 of which are 2 years and 1 one year old
1 two year old bull
1 three year old ox
3 bull calves
1 heifer calf
of this year
2 barrow pigs, 1½ years old
2 sows, ditto
1 barrow and 1 boar, ½ year old
7 pigs, two months old, of which 3 are females and 4 males
One wagon and its appurtenances, nearly worn out
Two plow's, complete
One harrow with iron teeth
Two harrows with wooden teeth
One wheelbarrow
One scoop
One dry cask
One iron pump rod
One beer sleigh
One full beer barrel
One iron bound bucket near the well before the house
2 old ladders
One wood sleigh
One grindstone and its belongings
One yoke

In the brewery
One kettle of about 5 tuns capacity
One cooling vat
One receiving vat
One wort tub
4 half barrels
6 half barrels partly filled with beer
2 beer stillings
7 shallow tubs under the beer taps ]
One malt box ]
One funnel
3 vessels under the taps of the vats
2 old hop baskets
One strainer? ] with an old haircloth on it
One wooden rake to stir the grain
One malting floor
One pair of iron tongs
One horse shoe to brand the casks
One ditto for marking
6 brew sacks
One new vat for draff

La Montagne
Jacobus van Curler
Cornelis Aertsen
Jan Cornelisen Buys
Hendrick Jansen
Jacob Kip


Gaensoogse; literally, goose-eyed, round figures resembling goose eyes.
Raw hide?
One vaen equals about five quarts.
The name of Jan Cornelissen Buys is crossed out.
One vim = 104 sheaves.
A record of the number of schepels of barley, wheat, rye and oats in the form of a tally sheet is omitted here.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 3, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1648-1660 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.