Dutch colonial council minutes, 30 September 1638

Scanned Document:

Therefore, we have condemned, as we do condemn hereby, the delinquent, In case he be apprehended, to be punished by the sword In such way that death shall ensue, with confiscation of all his movable and Immovable property, none excepted, and Including all his earned monthly wages which are due him by the West India Company, the just half to be paid to the widow of the deceased Gerrlt Jansz or his heirs, one quarter part of the Company and one quarter part to the fiscal, the delinquent also to pay the costs of the suit. Thus done and sentenced In Port Amsterdam this [      ], anno 1638.

Johannes la Montaengne, plaintiff, vs. Everardus Bogardus, defendant, for the delivery of the property belonging to Hendrick de Foreest, deceased, or his heirs.

Having seen the demand of the plaintiff and the answer of the defendant, it is ordered that the property aforesaid shall publicly be sold to the highest bidder on the 7th of October, being Thursday, at Fort Amsterdam, for the benefit of the widow, and the defendant, in virtue of his power of attorney from the widow of the late de Foreest, is condemned to repay to La Montaengnie such moneys as he has advanced for the benefit of the farm.

Anthony Jansen, plaintiff, vs. Everardus Bogardus, minister, defendant, for the payment of fl. 74 which the defendant owes the plaintiff. The defendant expressly denies the plaintiff's claim. The plaintiff gives the defendant the choice of taking the oath, whereupon the defendant has declared under oath before the court that he owes no more than 7 gl. Upon the oath of the defendant the plaintiff's claim for the remaining fl. 67 is denied and he is condemned to pay the costs of the trial.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 4, Council Minutes, 1638-1649 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.