Dutch colonial council minutes, 23 August - 14 September 1648

Scanned Document:

Whereas the grist mill must be maintained at the Company's expense and yields little profit, it is, for the best advantage and benefit of the Company resolved to engage a miller at wages to be paid by the Company, provided that the toll for grinding shall be paid to the receiver of the Company's revenue; and whereas at present no better person than Abraham Pietersz from Haerlem is available, we have engaged him at fl. 40 per month, commencing on the date hereof. This 23rd of August anno 1648, at New Amsterdam.

The honorable director general requests in writing a decision in the case of Symon Courtbrandt.

The honorable courtmartial having seen the writing and request of the honorable director general, Symon Courtbrandt is examined and confesses that he wounded the gunner and ran away on that account. However, having appeared again on his own account and submitted himself to the merciful sentence of the honorable courtmartial, and satisfaction being made to the gunner, the aforesaid Symon Courtbrandt is condemned to ride the wooden horse for two hours a day for three consecutive days, and in case he again commit any offense he shall be punished according to martial law. This 4th of September 1648. The director absent. Present: L. van Dincklagen ], La Montagne, Brian Nuton, lieutenant, Ge ]orge Bacxter, ensign, and D: Litschoe, sergeant.

The honorable director general and council order that the goods belonging to the estates of Jan from Rotterdam and Pieter Colet be sold to the highest bidder by Jan Damen and Olof Stevensz, administrators, in the presence of Mr. Dincklagen and Mr. La Montagne. The 10th of September 1648. Present: P. Stuyvesant, L; van Dincklaghe, La Montagne, Paulus Leendersz.

[1]The honorable director general lays before the council a despatch dated the 4th of September, sent by Commissary van Brugge, regarding Commander Slechtenhorst in the colony of Rensselaerswyck, who contrary to our order and command proceeds with the building of the house near and under the walls of Fort Orange and within a pistol shot thereof. Resolved, therefore, that four to six soldiers be sent to the commissary for his assistance and better execution of his orders to demolish the house with the smallest loss to the owners, and in case Commander Slechtenhorst offer opposition Carel van Brugge shall arrest him in the most civil manner and detain him so long in confinement until he deliver to the commissary copies of his commission and instructions, with the declaration that he, the commander, has no other commission and instructions than those he shall then have exhibited. Thus done the 10th of September 1648. Present: the honorable director, L: van Dincklagen, La Montagne, Briant Nuton and Poulus Leendersz.

Matys Capita is engaged by the honorable director general and council as assistant commissary in the store in place of Pieter Antony, at fl. 18 a month and fl. 100 a year board money. This 10th of September 1648. Present: The honorable director, L: Dincklagen, La Montagne, Brian Nuton and Poulus Leendersz.

Proposition submitted by the honorable director general to the council on the 9th of September 1648[2]

1. To read to the council the letter received from Swedish governor, and then to hear the report of Andries Hudden. 
2. To decide thereupon what advice we had best give to the honorable directors for the promotion of the public interest and the prevention of further encroachment and usurpation, to which end our last drafted dispatch to the honorable directors, shall be read by the secretary. 
3. To abstract the account of Commissary Hudden.  Commissary Adriaen Keyser and Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary,are authorized to abstract summarize the account of Hudden, and to make a report thereof to the honorable director and council. 
4. Regarding the previously published ordinance to mark the beavers, copy whereof has also gone to the fatherland and which according to the previous resolution is to go into effect Immediately after the departure of the Pynappel Resolved in council that the ordinance shall take effect and be put in force immediately after the sailing of the Pynappel
5. How shall the goods purchased of Olof Stevensz be employed to the best advantage of the Company.  Resolved to barter a considerable quantity of duffels for good seawan, and seawan for beavers, and to entrust the remainder to a good and reliable friend, to dispose thereof for the benefit of the Company, and to pay him a decent remuneration. 
7. In regard to the last petition of Martie Tymens for the appointment of guardians over her minor child. 
8. The regulation of loose seawan.  Resolved to wait yet a while and to consult the honorable directors once more on the subject. 
9. Whether it is advisable to publish an ordinance obliging all Scots or merchants who come to trade to remain in the country three consecutive years?  On this point a notice shall be posted that all persons, without any exception, who in the future shall come hither, shall be warned that they must continue to reside three years in this country. 
10. To publish an ordinance that no one shall bring any guns into the country, except with permission of the honorable directors, and then neither to give nor to sell them to any person except to the Company at two beavers a piece.  Resolved to publish an ordinance to this effect. 
11. Whereas with God's help we still hope to start doing some work on the fort, how the council think it ought to be rebuilt, as it has been with four bastions, or enlarged to five?  Resolved to leave the fort in its old form with four bastions, and to repair it. 
12. By what means are the inhabitants to be induced to lend a helping hand to that work, agreeable to the orders of the Board of XIX?  Resolved to communicate this matter to the Nine Men and to order them to take up among them a collection of about 5,000 or 6,000 guilders. 

Thus done and resolved in council, in Fort Amsterdam, in New Netherland, the 9th of September anno 1648. Was signed: P. Stuyvesant, L: van Dincklaghe, La Montagne, and Brian Newton.

Marretie Jans, widow of Dirck Cornelisz from Wensveen, appeared before the council and requested that the honorable director general and council legally appoint and commission two respectable men to be tutors and guardians of her minor son, named Cornelis Dircksz; not only to look after his person and education, but to take good care especially of the property and effects coming to her above named son by inheritance from his aforesaid father, deceased; to administer the same to the best advantage and profit of the aforesaid Cornelis Dircksz, and to keep and render thereof a correct account.

The honorable director general and council having seen and heard the reasonable request of Marretie Jans, widow of the said Dirck Cornlisz, the said director general and council have appointed and commissioned, as they do hereby appoint and commission, Michiel Jansz and Olof Stevensz, burghers and inhabitants of this city of New Amsterdam, to be guardians and tutors of the above named Cornelis Dircksz and all his property and effects, both here in New Netherland and elsewhere, who, having received the same under benefit of inventory, shall have legal administration of said property during the minority of Cornelis Dircksen, aforesaid, collect and pay all debts due to or by the estate, and perform all that upright and faithful guardians and administrators are allowed and bound to do; which they have sworn to do before the honorable director general and council. Thus done on the 14th of September anno 1648, in New Amsterdam, in New Netherland. Present: The honorable general, L: Dincklagen, La Montagne, B. Nuton and Poulus Leendersz.

Ordinance obliging Scotch merchants and petty traders to reside three years in New Netherland ] [3]


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