Proceedings of the court of the Nine men: actions of debt; Abraham Verplanck vs. Dirrick Teunissen Noorman

Scanned Document:

First several lines are lost  ]

Hendryck Gillesen against Jacob Schwart, defendant; the plaintiff demands of the defendant f79 [      ] second time before the aldermen and [      ] before the high council. The aldermen order the defendant to pay the f79 when served with this upon pain of penalty, with expenses [      ] which is to be paid within one month if he proves [      ] the balance [      ] .

Maximiliaen van Geel, plaintiff, against Fibertje, the wife of Lubbert Gilbertsen; the defendant defaults.

Jacob Verrevanger against Jan Gerritsen, defendant; the defendant defaults.

Abram Verblanck, plaintiff, against Dirrick Teunissen Noorman; the plaintiff demands to know why the defendant is burning lime on his, the plaintiff's, land and not cultivating it as he was contracted to do, because by burning lime his land is wasted and not improved as agreed; and because the plaintiff was to enjoy the one quarter of the increase of his land.

The defendant says that he has sown seven skipples of winter grain but no summer grain for lack of horses.

The aldermen order that the plaintiff be allowed to take one quarter of the burned lime as his rightful one quarter of the increase.

Eckbert van Borssum, plaintiff, against Jan Hendricksz Noorman, defendant; the plaintiff submits and shows to the council a note from the defendant acknowledging his debt to the plaintiff for the sum of f74, 9 stivers in merchantable beavers; written the 8th of July 1651, the plaintiff offers to wait until the first of June 1652.

The defendant objects because his master, Claes de Ruyter, is indebted to him and will not pay; he says, otherwise he is unable to make the payment.

The aldermen order the defendant to settle accounts with the plaintiff and to show the proof of the account in the presence of Christman.

Hendrick Willemsen Backer, plaintiff, against L. van Dincklaagen, defendant; demands f44, 13 stivers. This third summons is proof of the debt.

Because the defendant has been summoned three times concerning the debt, the council and aldermen declare the plaintiff's claim to be free and truthful, and order the defendant to pay within 14 days. Done in the absence of the director-general.

First several lines are lost.  ]

Jan Montangie comes to the session to complain [      ] done by the court-messenger for money owed to Dincklagen.

The aldermen, in the absence of the director-general, declare the attachment valid.


Translation: Gehring, C., trans./ed., New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 5, Council Minutes, 1652-1654 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1983).A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.